Happily Ever After

This Movella is about a young girl who falls in love with her best friend's boyfriend.


1. Once Upon a Time

  RRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGG! That's the lunch bell, and I'm late. Again. I just hope that Mr. Linden isn't roaming the halls again. But I spoke too soon. He comes up behind me and gives me a little pink slip. Great now I have to stay after school in detention AND explain to my parents why I got sent to detention. I walk into lunch, not looking forward to a lunch of a moldy sandwich and some sour milk. How come schools can't serve decent food? I didn't even bother waiting in line and went to my table with Abby, Rachel, and Jennifer. Abby was my best friend. She had sparkling blue eyes. Her long, wavy hair was a light shade of blonde. She was also a great friend. Rachel and Jennifer had straight hair which was dirty blonde. They were very funny and always had ways of making me laugh. I on the other hand had straight brown hair with amber highlights. We were all so different but that was what made us great friends. 

  "Why the bummed look?" asked Jennifer. I looked at her and explained my situation. In fact I was so bummed I wanted to be alone. I walked over to an empty table in the back of the room. 

   About halfway through lunch 2 people joined me. I looked up and saw Abby and Max. I have had a HUGE crush on Max for almost a year now. He had brown hair that fliped when he turned his head and he always was nice to me. He would always make jokes just to make me laugh. But here was the problem. He did that to Abby to. She also had a HUGE crush on him. I'm pretty sure he likes both of us. 

   Abby and Max saat next to me and the table was silent. It was obvious Abby had already told him what happened. 

 "Are you okay?" Max asked me in a conserning voice. 

 "Not really. It's the first time I have gotten a detention and I know I will be in huge trouble."

 "It'll be okay." He put his arm around me and shared his lunch with me. Abby still sat silent. I could tell she was a little jealous. 

 RRRRIIIINNNNGGGG! I really was starting to hate the sound of that bell. 

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