Short Stories

These are just a bunch of short stories that I've put together. Some of them will be fanfiction and other won't be.
Ps. Please no flames :)


3. A Journey That I Will Never Forget

Hey Sasuke! I think we’re lost!” Called Naruto loudly, coming to a stop and crossing his arms over his orange jersey clad chest. “I told you we should of gone left at the last turning! Believe it!” Yelled the yellow-blonde haired boy, rolling his sky-blue eyes playfully at his raven-haired friend; Naruto restarted walking, ignoring the growling boy behind him and then he began looking around, taking in his surroundings. It was getting steadily darker at an alarming rate and Naruto started to fret that he’d be stuck out after dark; he really didn’t want to make his mum worry again. ~In this story Naruto's parents are still alive~

“Oi Naruto! Wait!” Naruto was called out of his thoughts by the note of panic that he’d detected in his friend’s usually smug or stoic voice. Spinning around on one foot, the blonde got into a fighting stance and pulled a kunai from his pouch that he’d had strapped to his leg.

“What is it Sasuke?” Naruto asked quickly. His cerulean eyes darted to the tree line. In every shadow lurked an enemy. Behind every tree was an assassin who was ready to strike them both dead; the blonde teen shook his head slightly to clear his vision. He couldn’t afford to let his eyes play tricks on him. “I don’t see any-“ Naruto stopped midsentence. The chakra that he’d just felt was behind him and it was the strongest sense of presence that he’d ever felt before. Turning slowly around to face the person behind him Naruto froze. The shadowy figure gradually glided closer.

“Hello children~” purred the silky sweet voice of the person who was now barely feet away from Naruto. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” Grinned the male voice of the person in front of him, making the blonde take several unconscious steps back before he staggered into a body that was just marginally taller than his. ‘Please can that be Sasuke.’ Thought Naruto pleadingly, turning his head slightly and sighing in relief at the sight of his best friend whose coal-black eyes glittered a little with fear. The blonde haired boy took hold of the black haired boy’s hand and squeezed it reassuringly before letting go. He even managed a small smile that said ‘don’t worry, we’ll be fine’.

“Ha! Human children are even more amusing than the adults,” hooted the man, throwing back his hood in mad delight. “The way they can comfort each other with just a look is simply precious!” His eccentric laughter chilled Naruto right to the core of his very being and sent almost unbearable shivers jolting down his spine. ‘He’s insane.’ That was the only thought was orbiting around the inside of Naruto’s head at that moment in time. That was, until he realised that Sasuke was now standing in front of him, both effectively hiding him from the zany mans view, but also blocking him from being able to see what was going on. ‘I hate being short.’ Thought the blonde teen bitterly to himself, stepping out from behind the raven-haired teen, after glaring at back of his dark head for a while.

“On the count of three we’re going to sprint as fast as we can into the forest and we’re not going to stop,” whispered Sasuke into Naruto’s ear quietly, covering his mouth with his right hand, while his left hand slid discreetly down into the pouch that was fastened around his right thigh. Sasuke shifted his eyes to his hand that didn’t have his newly acquired smoke bomb in it, as a sign to Naruto that he was going to count down with his fingers. ‘Three, two, one.’ Naruto counted down with Sasuke in his mind and then the black-eyed teen threw the bomb in the direction of the now oddly quiet man. They ran. Naruto ran faster than he had ever run before and judging by Sasuke’s heavy breathing it was faster than he’d ever ran as well.

After they’d been running for what they for what felt like an eternity they finally began to slow down. Taking huge gasping breaths, Naruto lent against an old oak-tree when all of a sudden the blue-eyed boy felt a sharp pain rush up his back and before he could register what was happening he was laying on his back with Sasuke kneeling down beside him calling his name. Then a horribly familiar looking figure appeared just behind his best friend but no matter how much he tried to warn Sasuke, Nathan found that he couldn’t move and that his vision was starting to go black. The last thought that flew through Naruto’s mind before he passed out was this: ‘This is one journey that I’ll never forget.’


Hey peeps, I'm sorry for making Naruto and Sasuke a bit OC but it had to be done :)
I hope you guys aren't to mad at me for doing that XD


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