The boy next door



1. prologue

Emelie was only five when she realized that Niall was special. He was two years older than her and he was playing with the big boys. She used to sit on the lawn and listen when Niall was practicing the guitar. She used to sneak off to the football field to watch when he played football. Sometimes socialized their families, but she didn't dared to directly talk to Niall. His brother Greg was always the one who seemed to care about Emily and he saw anyway that she existed.


Niall remained to be Emelies great love throughout childhood. He was the one she peeked on in the sly and he was always the one who was perfect in her eyes. He had girlfriends sometimes, but Emelie saw at him that it wasn't serious. Sometimes she realized it was her own imagination, but she hoped that one day he would still see her.


The day when Niall became famous and ended up in One Direction dropped her entire life in parts. Instead of being happy for him, she ran into the room and just cried. Her parents thought it was because she was happy, but she was crying because she had lost him forever. She listened to their music, but she wasn't a typical fan. She hated the pictures where Niall was standing near the girls and when he set up on the photos with them. She didn't like that others put up pictures of him on the wall and she hated that fans grew in number. Niall was hers and nobody else's.


Finally landed Emelie in reality. Niall was no longer as interesting as when she was a kid, and she realized that there were other guys. She was interested in the school and instead got friends that she always hung out with. Emelie didn't forget Niall, but he remained as a memory. She gave up the dreams and saw instead forward to becoming an adult. There was so much to do with life and she couldn't remain in the past

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