If the question in your head is who is Poppy then my answer is me. Everyone loved me, but when I grew a year old they hated me, at first I hated it, but now I'm used to it. "Why?" because life can't be any harder to me I have bruises all over me, I've been left out on the streets what's worse than that? Now it's too late to help.


1. Poppy

I was adopted when I was very little I think it was Christmas time at first I was well cared for my family fed me, adored me, we went on walks together everything was fine until I grew older.... I couldn't help it I didn't do anything bad I didn't steal it's not my fault that they didn't buy me some toys so I could distract myself. They didn't take me to school I was abandoned they hardly noticed me. When I grew a year old they moved my bed from the warm house to the cold and draughty garage. A couple of months passed and they didn't even give me food, I don't think they actually noticed I was there. Then, when I got even older they started whacking me, bruising me, calling me a 'useless nuisance' saying they regretted adopting me. How do you think I felt? Now it doesn't hurt eventough I've hardly got any life in me it doesn't hurt, my body's almost numb they injured me so many times. I can't help it I'm alive. Everyone should have a chance and not have their rights taken away from them like I did. I still love them eventough they treated me like this besides they're my family. You would still love your family? Wouldn't you? Well now we're going somewhere they're here with me now grabbing me taking me away. We're going to the car and they grab me and throw me into the back of the car like i'm an old suitcase, but as I told you it doesn't hrt I'm on deaths door. Now we're in the car and going somewhere which I'm not sure of where to, but I know it's not avery nice place if they're taking me with them. We get out of the car and we're going to a vast building, they're dragging me along, I'm whining at them, but they just tell me to shut up and that I'm very bad. We're in the building we had to wait quite a long time since there were other people there too, but then after waiting for what seemed like eternity we headed towards a door and into a big room. There was a kind lady there who seemed to be getting dressed for something asking questions how old I am and what does she have to do, she was getting ready what seemed like a vaccination, but I wasn't that sure about it. Then, it fell on me we were at the  hospital and they were going to put me down as I'm a useless little brat always annoying my 'owners' and them having trouble with me. The last thing I saw was my owners' face grinning at me and saying: "Bye, bye Poppy."


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