Double sided

Hey guys so I'm new to this so help me out if you have any tips or anything


1. meeting him :)

I walk into biology class with my best friend Cameron. Cameron and I have been best friends forever and i love her to death. Cameron asked if we were gonna be biology partners I said I hope and I look at the door I see a cute kid I turn to Cameron and say damn he's fucking hot!! Cameron said so is his friend. It was Harry styles a green eyed cutie who was defiantly not my type. He was with his friend Louis tomilinson who was ok looking kinda dreamy but once again not my type more like Cameron's type. Than next thing you know our teacher mr. White walks in and says good morning class today you will be assigned lab partners! Oh shit what if I get assigned to a dumb ass I don't want to do all the work. "Ms. Emma Johnson you will be assigned to harry styles". WHAT WHY HIM?! I walked over to harry "hey I'm Emma you must be harry" I said to the handsomest person I have ever seen. "That's me" Harry said. Ok this is going ok. "So are you new here" "yeah I moved here from England" ahhhh so hot!!!! "That's cool" "ummm so here's my number so you can call me when we need to do a project or to just talk" holy fuck!!! "Ok" "bye" "bye" I say walking off blushing

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