Semptember 6th

September 6th is the first day of school after summer Chloe is entering grade 6 she has a very big imagination loves adventuring. shes the 3rd smallest girl in her class she has long blonde hair down just past her hip she is very pretty but here is the event that changed her life


1. waking up

September 5th 10:00pm

"okay its late how about you hop in to bed its getting late and you have your first day of school tomorrow" my mom said to me as I got some milk oh yeah I guess I should introduce myself I am Chloe I am 11 entering grade 6 into middle school and this is my story so lets go on. "yep mom I will put on my pajamas and hop into bed "OK good night love you" "love you too mom"


September 7th 4:30am

I woke up super exited for my first day of middle school. I got dressed walked down stairs eat some cereal and got my back-pack. I put in my brush my lunch my school supplies and some mascara. I always sneaked mascara in my back-back cause my mom didn't think makeup was good for me. But I liked it and thought it made my look very pretty. So I snaked it in my back-pack. I got on my coat and my new shoes they are black and silver wedges small wedges but I like them. I got my pink scooter from the basement and brought it up. "Have a great first day" my mom said. "Love you mom" I replied to her. my mom handed me 5$ I asked her why she gave it to my she said its for the cafeteria. I kissed my mother on the cheek and left to school. On my way I stopped at my friend natalies to see if she wanted to scooter to school with me I saw a note on the ground it read "sorry I cant ride to school i got a ride sorry" at the end it said from natalie.


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