He cant see me

Abby is a ghost in love with a common school boy


1. at first sight

Abby floated around the school her brown hair flowing behind her thinking of what to do she decided to follow a boy. she had seen him before ,he was max, max walked up to an unfamiliar face this face was lightly tanned with freckles, this face was framed by brown hair, this face had a cute smile ,this face was beautiful abby loved this face

After following the boy he had learned his name was Ace and that he had transferred from an old school he had math with her great niece Megan and at that she once again wished she was alive, alive to touch his soft skin alive to hold his gentle hand alive to feel her heart beat and at this thought she reached down to her heart and touched the bullet wound that had made her this way she winced not because of pain but because of hate for that man George Franklin and hate for all his family except one

Ace franklin she loved him with all her dead heart

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