My Ouija Board Expieriences

My name is Estelle Patterson, and I have had a few personal ghost experiences. This is the accounts I have of using a Ouija Board. Read on if you please. Some names have been changed to protect these people's idententies.

If you have had any Ouija Board experiences, please inform me in the comments section, and if you want me to add it to the story.


1. Experience 1


Age: 56

Gender: Male

Profession: Doctor

Died: 1927

Cause of death: Murder

Lived: Braintree

Address: Aubx Street (Number unkown)

Positive Spirit (We think)

First Experience:

Devor came to us in a normal session. He introduced himself pretty quickly, and so we started asking him questions. At first, when we asked him name he was just spelling out gibberish. So we waited then when asked again he told us his name. We eventually got into the other questions, and then all of a sudden Janet started shaking. Even when we were done, she couldn't stop. After about a half an hour, she stopped. That was the first time we ran into Devor.

Second Experience:

The second time we contacted him, things got freakier. Janet was shaking again, and we asked if he was doing it. He said yes, and when we asked why, it was again gibberish. So, we asked him again. When we got the same answer, we asked him a third time. In the middle of it, he stopped. Then Janet stopped shaking. And all of a sudden, he pushed my hands wicked hard and fast to good bye. That was it.

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