*Zayn is the only 1D boy in this story but
If I publish a sequel then the others should be in it. Also this is written before Zayn Auditioned for X-factor*

With a brother in a coma, surviving being a teenage runaway, involved in gangs, drug dealing and boxing matches to keep peace.
Life is no where near easy for Victoria Malcolm the bad girl that is forever getting in trouble from Bradford. Or as some people know her Selena McDonald the innocent girl form Glasgow.


10. I'll tell you my story

"Vic" Zayn whispered worry all over his face. All I could do was toss the piece of paper to him. Zayn read it his facial expression changed to a mixture of anger, guilt and confusion.

"What does he mean by he know who you really are" Zayn said barley a wisper.

"I will explain everything Zayn, I promise but please trust me" I said crying now. He let go of Demi and walked over to me.

"Baby please don't cry. Please, I hate you being upset. Please I love you, I will stay with you forever I promise as long as you explain what's going on" he said hugging me.

"I love you to and I will explain but I have to tell the boys to" I said. This is it I will have to tell them the real story.

"Demi sweetheart get your things you want and go to my room. Listen everything will be all right. It's just a prank note or something I am sure. Zayn and I are here for you nothing will happen it's all a joke." I reaisured her.

Demi grabbed some of her things and went ino my room. I turned to Zayn "we need to go to the den. Tell the boys change of plan. We are meeting at the den."

I walked out the room. I need to keep Dean occupied for 1 hour until I am finished with the boys. I went to Drakes and Deans room and knocked on the door. Drake answered

"Hey Cuzz" he said

"Hey listen can you do me a favour. Me and Zayn have to nip out for an hour can you keep Dean occupied for that long" I begged

"I dunno I am supposed to be going out with my mates" he argued

"Please take him with you show him Bradford. Please I need to go out" I begged

"Fine but you owe me" Drake agreed

"fine ill pay you £20" I said.

"Ok" he said

"Zayn!" I yelled. Zayn came up to me side

"Ya Babe and what's with the yelling" he asked

"Pay Drake 20 quid and I didn't know where you are" I answered

"But why me he's your cousin" he argued

"Zayn please. Pretty please for me. I'll pay you back later" I said winking.

He smirked "fine." He handed Drake the money.

"You guys are gross" Drake said

"Whatever you say" I said walking away.

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