On First Sight

Emma(dutch) and her sister Daphne(also dutch) are going to move to London. They both wishes to be there, but not on this way.
The're parents are divorced, and the only job that the're mother can get is in London.
Emma was the prettiest girl at her old school. but she never know it. She cuts herself, She thinks she is fat and ugly, but she isn't.
Daphne is also a pretty girl, but not as pretty as Emma. She knows she cuts herself, and she tried to stop her. But she never stopt.
Emma is shy at school, but what if that pulls out the attention of One Direction.
what is gonna happen to those girls, is it luck or drama?
find out.


10. Chapter 8

Louis' POV.


I didn't know what was going on. And I wanted to know it.


'Haz? What did you do?' I asked.


'Uhm.. well, it was as a joke but... When she kissed me I licked her lips.' He did WHAT?! I was so angry right now!


'Haz maybe it was a joke, it isn't funny. You love Taylor ya know.' I said trieng not to be rude. And with that I walked after Emma and Daphne to the bathroom. I stood at the door and I could hear them talk, so I listened to their conversation.


'........ I... I can't Daffi, The way he licked my lips brought all the memories back from Jayson.'




'Well he licked my lips and then he wanted more, he abused me. I said I was by a friend but I wasn't! I'm sorry Daphne!' She cried,


'It's okay Em, Just cry it out, I'm there for you' she replied.


'You are the best sister ever Daffi!' 'I know that.' They both laughed.


Em's POV.


We both laughed. We stood up, I opened the door, and saw Louis crying?


'Lou, are you crying?' I asked worried.


'Yes I am, sorry, I heard what you said, uhm, do you wanna talk about it?' He asked also worried. 'Uhm, okay?' I replied, he picked me up and walked to his room, with a king size bed, light blue walls, a huge tv and 2 doors, probably a bathroom and a closet. He set me down on his bed, and sat down besides me.


'Okay, you can tell me anything.' He said.


'I know, thats why I'm going to tell you, but don't be mad a me please.'


'I would never be mad at you babe.'


'Thanks, uhm okay.


It started at high school, I was 12 or 13, It was nice and had good grades, until Jayson asked me out. He was the badboy at school and he was populair, every girl drooled over him, and I couldn't say no, because he will bully me then. When he came to my house we were going to his house, nobody was home. He pulled me inside, closed the door and started to kiss me roughly. His hands were first on my waist but when I didn't know it they were on my bum, he said he wanted me in his pants, but I was 13, I tried to pull him away, but he tightener his grip. I was crying. I didn’t want it, He started to kiss my neck… but he stopped, he said I was still to young, but he said also he was going to do it when I was 15. He walked to his room and I stood there, crying. I didn’t know what to do, but next thing I know that I was outside running to my house, I heard him screaming my name.’ I said first crying.

‘That….That is horri…’ He started but I interrupt him.

‘That wasn’t even the worst part. But I never told anyone about this, I tried to ignore him on school and in classes. It worked until I was 15. I waled outside the school and he followed me, I was scared. He grabbed my wrist, and he started to walk to his house. I didn’t know what to do. He pushed me inside, and said I was gonna regret it that I ignored him, but what he didn’t know I had self defense classes. I pulled him away kicked him in the balls. I walked to one room, becouse the front door was locked, and locked the room. And I was lucky there was a window, and it was open I walked to the window but Jayson stood behind me, and I didn’t know how. He grabbed me but again I kicked him in the balls. I jumped out of the window and ran to my house.

When I turned 16 I was happy, but Jason wasn’t. He was kinda scared of me. I did know that he was going to self defense lessons. So I was going to kickboxen. (A/N OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.) Because I know that he was going to try again. And I was right but I wasn’t lucky anymore. He said to my parents that I was by a friend or something, but he abused me. He told me that I was a slut, that I was fat, ugly, and that everybody better was without me. He did give me food but I never ate. I tried to escape but I failed always. He punished me, and one day he raped me….. When I was 17 my mom told me that her and dad are divorced and that she has a job here, I was happy but just a little, because next day on school, Jayson told me he was going to London to. I was shocked. And the rest you know. That I’m here…. With you…’ I said.

Louis was crying. So am I. It was horrible. All those thoughts I tried to forget, are all back. I need Louis, he is so fucking sweet for me, with him I’m not affraid anymore, I’m not even shy. Louis’ interrupt my thoughts.

‘Em you have to know, I’m never ever gonna do that.’

‘I know, but what about your fans.’

‘We could better tell them. I have an interview tomorrow, I could tell them then, but can you come with me?’

I thought, should I. I sighed. ‘Yes I’ll be there.’

‘Thanks babe, you are amazing. I love you.’

‘love you too.’ We walked downstairs, and everybody sceamed at Harry, I looked at Louis and he nodded.


‘EVERYBODY, SHUT THE FUCK UP, NOW.’ I sceamed. And lucky everybody was quiet and looked at me.

‘Harry doesn’t deserve this, but Harry I owe an apologize’ I looked at Harry. He was crying.

‘I’m so sorry Em. I’m so, so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?’ He said crying.

‘Ít is because I’m the nicest person.’ I joked and hugged Harry.

‘Yes, you are. Our Carrot Prince is lucky to have you.’ He replied. I blushed.

‘Are we gonna play again, or what??’ I said happily. Everyone said ‘YES!’. I laughed.

‘It was my turn sooo… Niall Truth or Dare?’ I winked at him. And he understood.

‘Dare!’ He said.

‘Fine! I….’ I fake thought ‘To ask somebody on a date you like like.’ I said.

‘Ugh fine.’ He stood up an walked to Daphne who was blushing right now.

‘Daphne Smith, I don’t know your second name but,would you like to go out with me?’ He stood there hopefull. Daphne fake thought, but find her words.

‘I don’t like to…’ She said. Niall looked down. ‘Niall…’ She picked his chin and he looked at her.

‘Niall… I would love to!’ she said. Niall looked so happy when she said that.

‘Okay…. Liam? Truth or Dare?’ Niall asked.


‘Fine, Liam I Dare you to…… ’ He thought, and Daphne wispered something in his ear, that makes him laugh. ‘To eat this icecream…’ He packed a huge icecreambox.

‘Okay! Easy!’ Liam said. ‘With this spoon!’ He held a huge spoon. Liam’s face looked scared.

‘Ey, Wait, wait, wait. Niall? That is my spoon and nobody can eat from it except me!’ I said helping Liam a bit. He smiled at me and mouthed ‘Thank you.’ I just nodded, I stood up walked to Niall grabbed ‘My’ spoon from his hands and the icecream.

‘If you don’t mind, I’m gonna eat this.’ I said. Everyone looked shocked.

‘What? I’m in the mood.’ I said again.

‘Em, at least share it with me, I’m starving!’ Niall begged. I shook my head.

‘Me two!!’ Lou begged to. I just laughed, I opened the box, and started to eat. After a minute or 7, I was done. Everyone was frozed. Even Louis and Niall.

‘My, my. You have better eat talents than Niall.’ Zayn joked. Everyone laughed except Naill, he was angry at me.

‘Aw, Niall, are you angry at me??’ I said with a poughty face.

‘YES I AM!’ he sceamed.

‘Be happy, you’ve got a eating friend!’ Harry joked to.

‘Well that is not going to happen, as I said earlier I was in the mood, I never eat THAT much in one day!’ I wispered. Everyone looked at me.

‘Uhm…. Uhm lets go to the beach!’ Daphne tried to change the subject.

‘DING, DONG!’ The doorbell. Taylor must be it.

‘Hi, there ya’ll.’ She said happy.

‘Hi Taylor. We are going to the beach. Do you want to come to?’ Daphne asked.

‘Ofcoars, I’d love to, I’m gonna get my bikini, see you back here in 15 minutes?’ everyone nods.

‘Okay see you later. And Em nice clothes!’ everyone laughed.

‘Bye! And Em we need to get our bikinis to, can someone drive us?!’ Daphne asked/forced.

‘I will!’ Lou replied.

‘Thanks Lou!’ I said.






-XXX xCarryx.

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