On First Sight

Emma(dutch) and her sister Daphne(also dutch) are going to move to London. They both wishes to be there, but not on this way.
The're parents are divorced, and the only job that the're mother can get is in London.
Emma was the prettiest girl at her old school. but she never know it. She cuts herself, She thinks she is fat and ugly, but she isn't.
Daphne is also a pretty girl, but not as pretty as Emma. She knows she cuts herself, and she tried to stop her. But she never stopt.
Emma is shy at school, but what if that pulls out the attention of One Direction.
what is gonna happen to those girls, is it luck or drama?
find out.


9. Chapter 7

Daphne's POV.

I never seen Em so happy, and I swear if Louis hurt her I'm gonna kick his ass. We were playing Truth or Dare. It was my turn to ask.

'Em Truth or Dare?' I asked.

'Truth!' She smiled.

'Damn girl! ugh! Uhm.. Are you in love??' I asked again.

'Yup.' She said with a popping 'p'. Louis looked hurt when she said that. Ha. He doesn't know it is about him.

'Louis Truth or dare?' Em asked him.

'Uhm Truth?' he replied.

'Uhm.. Do you... Do you love me.' She asked nervous.

'I'm going for Dare.' He said a little too quick.

'I Dare you to answer my question.' She said.

'Fine! If you really want to know who I love, It is you Em.' and with that he walked away.

'LOUIS!!' Em yelled and walked after him.


Em's POV.


I walked after him.

'Louis why are you walking away.' I asked.

'Because. I love you, but you don't feel the same. You don't love me!' he said crying. OMG he doesn't know it was about him.Well hello  I'm not kissing everybody!

'And why do you think I don't love you.'

'Because you said you love somebody.'

'Louis That somebody is...' I wanted to say 'you' but Louis interrupt me

'I don't wanna know who it is.' and he walked away. I grabbed his wrist pulled him to me, and now are bodies are touching.

'That somebody is you' I wispered. His eyes widened, he grabbed my waist pushed me to the wall, and kissed me with more passion then before. when we pulled away I begon to talk.

'What did you think, I want to kiss Louis Tomlinson for fun? Because he is famous. well I don't think so babe.' I said smiling.

'Well sorry babe, I don't know! There are crazy people who want to do that, like....' He thought 'Uhm don't be mad but Eleanor.' he said.

'I don't care about her, because you love me, right?' I asked.

'No, thats why I said it. Ofcoars I love you!' he said

He picked me up, walked back to the lounge and he sat down on the couch and I was sitting on his lap. I love him SO MUCH! He has to know that.

'Well it is my turn so... Hazza Truth or Dare?' Louis asked.

'Dare!' Hazza said.

'I Dare you to call Taylor and ask if she comes to my house, if she comes you have to tell her you love her!' Louis said smirking

'O, Come on! Carrot Prince don't do that to me!' Hazza joked. So he called her and she was coming. OMG I was so excited for Taylor!!


Taylor's POV.


My phone vibrate and saw it was Harry. He asked me to come over to Louis' house. Ofcoars I say yes, I love him! So I looked what I can where, and found something what Emma and I both had, It was a grey sweater, pink uggs, a pink shawl, grey earrings, and random pink pants. And a messy ponytale.

I just hope that Harry like me to. But yeah, he can get any girl he want.

Niall’s POV.

I want to ask Daphne to go out with me, but I’m gonna ask Emma if it is okay with her.

‘Em can I talk  to you for a second?’ I asked her

‘Yeah sure.’ She stood up and walked with me to the hall.

‘What’s up?’ She asked.

‘I was wondering… Well…. Can I ask Daphne out and on the date ask her to be my girlfriend?’ I asked. She smiled.

‘Please do that. Between you and I read this texts I got from her when we still lived in Holland.’

From: Daphne.

To: Emma.

Heey Em, You have to listen this album, One Direction. It is Amazing!! I think my favorite is Niall! He is soo CUTE!!!

Later sis. Xx

From: Daphne.

To: Emma.

Hey sis, I know it for sure know, Niall is my absolutely number 1!!

Later sis xx

‘See? She really likes you.’ Emma said. When I read the texts I could only smile.

‘Yeah, but I need your help for that date.’ I said.

‘I have an idea!! I’m gonna Dare you to ask her out!! Okay?’ She asked. That was a great idea! Perfect!

‘Thank you Em!’ I said happy.

‘Everything for my maybe, and then very maybe upcoming brother.’ She joked. I blushed.

'Very maybe' I said when we walked back into the lounge.

'What, very maybe?' Louis asked Em

'Oh, Uhm.... Nothingg.' She replied.

'It is my turn now, I wanna ask... Em Truth or Dare?' Hazza asked.

'I'm gonna regret it probably, but DARE!' she said, and laughd.

'I Dare you to.....Kiss me.' Hazza said. I was shocked and so were the rest.

'Told you I'm gonna regret it, I'm sorry Carrot prince.' She said to Lou, stood up and kissed Harry for 1 second. When she stood up she cried and ran away.

'Now happy Harry.' Daphne said angry.

'It was a joke.' He replied.

'But you don't know the past!!!' She said with more angry and ran after Em. What happend in the past?

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