On First Sight

Emma(dutch) and her sister Daphne(also dutch) are going to move to London. They both wishes to be there, but not on this way.
The're parents are divorced, and the only job that the're mother can get is in London.
Emma was the prettiest girl at her old school. but she never know it. She cuts herself, She thinks she is fat and ugly, but she isn't.
Daphne is also a pretty girl, but not as pretty as Emma. She knows she cuts herself, and she tried to stop her. But she never stopt.
Emma is shy at school, but what if that pulls out the attention of One Direction.
what is gonna happen to those girls, is it luck or drama?
find out.


1. characters

Emma Smith:

A modern girl. 17 years old. Very beautiful. Skinny, waivy blond hair, blue eyes. Never wears make-up.(only mascara) and she cuts herself.

her talents: Singing, dancing, soccer, (nobody knows this exept Daphne)

Daphne Smith:

A modern girl to. 18 years old. beautiful. skinny. waivy brown hair, green eyes, wears much make-up.

her talents: singing, gymnastics, and in the cheerleader team.(later)







Louis Tomlinson:

as you know him of coars! but a little more shy.

His talents: SINGING and soccer. captain of the soccer team.


Niall Horan:

as you know him but a little more brave.

His talents: SINGING and assistant captain of the soccer team.

Harry Styles:

Just as you know him!

his talents: SINGING and member of the soccer team.


Liam Payne:

Just as you know him!

His talents: SINGING, and something with art.


Zayn Malik:

Just as you know him but a little more nervous.

His talents: SINGING and also something with art.


Eleanor Calder

cheerleader captain.


Taylor Swift:

cheerleader assistent captain.


A/N: Sorry if i spelled something wrong.... I'm Dutch.

give me a comment if you want to..:)

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