Wake Up

Molly Hooper. Such intellect coupled with such naivety can’t end well. Or maybe it can. Her whole life Molly has never been very popular or confident. But she has worked hard to get to where she is, although it’s still not Shangri-La.
At 31 she has had her ups and downs and lovers who didn’t quite match. There’s always this one man on her mind though. Yet he doesn’t care.


1. Chapter 1

“I’m so sorry for never telling you. Please, can you forgive me?”

“I don’t know. You haven’t always been very nice and you ignored me for a long time.”

“Please, I’ve finally realised my true feelings, the one thing I’ve been looking for so long. It’s you Molly, it’s you!”

“Oh, shut up.” She closed her eyes and, placing her hands on his face, she pulled him closer. Finally, the moment she had been waiting for all this time. So close…

Beep. Beep. Beep.

…Yet so far. Warily, Molly Hooper lifted up her arm to let it fall back down on her life-ruining alarm clock. She rubbed her eyes and opened them: 7am. Letting out a sigh, she got out of her cosy bed, into the harsh world of reality, where she was a single, 31 year-old cat lady. Toby, her cat, was still asleep on the covers and wasn’t intending to get up anytime soon. Yawning and stretching, Molly went to the bathroom to wash her face.

“It was a dream. Just a dream. Snap out of it! You have got a fiancé! A very good looking one at that, who cares for you, unlike him. You are over him. Hear me? Over!” she stared at her reflection who could only stare back. Tom was great. He was caring and kind, had a nice family and was about as awkward as herself. A perfect match. 

Molly continued to get ready for work and left her tiny apartment. On her way to work, at St. Bartholomew’s hospital, she tried avoiding looking at people on the tube. There wasn’t much to see anyway, only hundreds of miserable strangers, involuntarily going to a job they hated in the middle of the week for a pay that let them afford a home at least five times smaller than what they could buy for the same money outside of London, somewhere up north. Almost everyone here dreamt of doing something else with their life, but Molly didn’t. Working in a morgue was, though it seems very odd, her dream in a way. It was exciting and there weren’t many people who wanted to talk to you. And it was where she met him. Not Tom, you-know-who.

The train stopped again and Molly got off. She tried pushing away her thoughts, they didn’t matter anymore anyway. She was engaged and he was busy, solving cases, doing his thing. It didn’t matter. Only recently these feelings and dreams had been coming back, stronger than usual. Ever since he finished that case and basically came back from the dead. It would be better for everyone involved to try and be friends, though. She knew nothing would ever happen and that was for the best.

Molly pushed open the doors to the hospital and went up to her “office”. She opened up her laptop and sat down at a desk. Nothing new had been posted on thescienceofdeduction.co.uk or on johnwatsonblog.co.uk. It wasn’t all that strange though. They were probably still working on a case. Out of curiosity, Molly opened up her own blog and looked to see if anyone had posted a comment. After the thing with Jim Moriarty she had stopped blogging, but a girl can hope! She didn’t trust anyone on there anymore though, it had caused huge trouble and she wasn’t planning on letting that happen again. Murder and death, even if faked, are not happy things. And Molly just wanted everyone to be happy, even if she wasn’t ever completely. She could luckily trust Tom to be a nice, normal guy, since her actual friends had played matchmaker. They knew her so Tom must be right for her.


The door opened and Molly nearly jumped out of her seat out of surprise. She quickly shut the laptop and tried to stand up calmly. ’Hopefully it’s not him,’ she thought to herself. It wasn’t. Her friend Crystal entered the room with the usual arrogant swing in her step. She was one of the prettiest and therefore most intimidating people Molly knew with her long straight blonde hair and blue eyes. A natural beauty, Crystal enchanted everyone she met. Well, except for you-know-who. He wasn’t that easy to get around. Not only her looks but also her personality was enchanting: she seemed unbelievably conceited but was nothing of the sort, only very out-going. So basically the exact opposite of Molly.

“Molly, dear, good morning!” Crystal cooed.

“Oh, hello Crystal! How are you?”

“I’m wonderful thank you. And you? I’ve just come to let you know there’s a new body and you were asked for to investigate,” Crystal smiled mischievously, “how’s that fiancé of yours? Tim?”

“Tom, actually. He’s fine, I’m too. Um, thanks for telling me.” And with that the conversation was over for Molly. Crystal was really nice, but she always looked so suspicious when talking about Tom, as if she wanted to seduce him or something. But maybe it was just Molly being paranoid because she finally found someone who appreciated her in that way. Love really was a tiring affair for her.

Molly awkwardly smiled at Crystal to indicate she could go. Luckily, she caught the clue and swung out of the room. Molly fell back into her chair and leaned back. Who would ask for her specifically to look at the body? Well, she could think of three people, but only one who sparked her interest nowadays. She couldn’t help but hope it was you-know-who. So she got up, brushed her lab coat off and looked in the mirror. Maybe a little extra lipstick would be good. She took it out of her purse in her locker but just as she was about to apply some dark red she remembered that she had been told before that she wears too much. Not wanting to repeat that unpleasant moment, Molly put the lipstick down again. Sighing she left the room and walked down the white corridor. The sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky which was very weird for this time of year in London. Perhaps she and Tom could go for a picnic after work instead of going to the stuffy pub down the street. But that probably wasn’t going to happen.

Before she opened the door to the morgue, Molly paused in front of it. ‘You can do this. It probably isn’t him. And if it is, who cares, right? Tom is your fiancé, remember that. Tom. Lovely Tom. Now, you’re going to look at a dead body and have fun because this is what makes you happy, help someone solve a mystery. Good fun. Be happy.’ She was quite clearly overthinking the whole situation. It wasn’t that likely that he would be here. Except… not one of the blogs had posted a case for some time and since the reunion they wouldn’t have stopped starting new cases. Right? So maybe they were all on a case right now and needed to look at a dead body for evidence. It would only take a few seconds, minutes at the most but that would give her a chance to talk to him, if only for a short amount of time. One last time she pulled her ponytail a bit tighter, took a deep breath and entered the room.

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