Save me


1. why

Zayns POV_ "if ur gonna smoke them damn cigarettes get the hell out of my house!" My mum yelled throwing a pack at me and tossing me out the front door by my hood. I flipped her off with the middle finger as she slammed the door behind me. Stupid bitch, throwing me out my house like that. Stupid house, stupid mum, stupid.... Cold hands. I thought. I was so focused on being pissed at my mum I didn't realize how fucking cold it was. I pulled down the sleeves of my leather jacket to cover them but it didn't help much. Finally I lit a cig and popped it in my mouth. I could just feel the stress floating away with the addictive smoke in the harsh wind. I cupped my hands around the burning part of the cigarette, warming them right up. Just as I did that, I tripped over a crack in the path, making my unsteady arms wobble and burning part of my hand with the cig. "Ah shit!" I yelled dropping the cigarette out of my mouth on to the ground. I quickly ran into an alley to resist the wind and properly look at the burn on my hand. It had blistered up and damn did it hurt, though it was only a little spot. I leaned my back against the wall and slip down in sorrow. What is wrong with me.... My mum won't even let me in the house, that bitch. All because of these. I thought looking at my pack. I threw it against the wall as all the cigarettes in the pack exploded all over the place.I covered my face with my hands and sobbed into them. Why do I have to be this way. Why...

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