Two Of A Kind

Everyone is born with a special birth tattoo that matches you with your soul mate. It glows when you get near them and sparkles when you are together. Kate Thirlwall thought she was doomed forever alone until a certain Irishman moves in next door. (This story is gonna have the people from one direction and little mix but they're not famous)


1. Finding My Mate

Class had just let out and it was now time for lunch. Me, my best friend Perrie, and my stepsister Jade were all walking together. Both of their mates, Zayn and Jason, met us about half way.

I'd grown used to being a loner. Most of the kids in our school were mated except for a select few. But even they dated around to keep them company. I thought I would just wait around and have my mate come to me, but it seems my plan is failing.

We'd finally made it to the cafeteria and I immediately spotted my best friend Liam sitting there. We got our lunch and sat down.

"Hey Li," I said giving him the best hug I could give while sitting down.

He returned to eating and I did the same. When we were all finished Jade started talking about her science class.

"We're starting a new project and everyone was paired up with their mates and since Jason isn't in my class I got paired up with the smartest guy in our class." she said clapping her hands.

"Is he cute?" I asked playfully.

"He actually is. He's a nerd but he's a hot nerd. His name's Luke."

"Oooh sounds like a total hottie." Pez gushed.

"You should totally go for it Kate. You should come in my room and act like you didn't know he was there."

I nodded as we stood to throw our trays away. The bell rang for the last class of the day. We all went our separate ways to get to our classes.

There were only four kids in my maths class once I got there. I sat down in my usual seat in the back and got out my journal and pencil. The class slowly filed in and soon enough Mr. Baker started teaching.

About 20 minutes into class, there was a knock on the door. When Mr.Baker opened the door the principal walked in with a tall blonde guy behind him.

"Class this is Niall, a new student here from Ireland. Treat him nice and make him feel welcome here." our principal said boringly.

"Okay Niall why don't you go sit in the back by Kate." Baker said pointing in my direction.

Niall came down smiling at everyone and took a seat next to me. Only then did I realize the star on my hand was sparkling. Like not only glowing but sparkling. I tried my best to hide it and not make it awkward.

"Hi I'm Kate."

"Niall and just to let you know I am horrible at maths."

"I'm actually top student you want me to tutor you?"

"Yeah your house after school?"

"Sure sounds okay."

"Good I think it'd be best if I met my mate's parents."

My mouth dropped open and at that moment the bell rang.

"Let me see you schedule," I said grabbing it from him.

"Funny we have the same schedule huh?" I said looking it over.

"Is that so? I guess now I don't have to worry about other guys trying to take you." he joked.

He joined our hands and we made our way to the exit of the class.

When we got outside the maths room Jade and Perrie were already there waiting for me, or I guess I should say us since Niall's here.

"Oooh who's this," Perrie asked.

"I'm Niall, we're mates." he answered for himself.

"I'm Perrie her best friend."

"And I'm Jade her best sister."

"Well nice to meet you ladies." he said still remaining polite.

We started walking again and the girls managed to pull me away from him when we got to class.

"He's gorgeous I'm jealous. I'm totally coming over your house today we need to talk about this." Perrie said laughing.

"But he'll be there don't you think it'd be awkward?" I replied.

"He's coming over?" Jade questioned.

"Yeah but we'll talk more on the way home."

They both nodded and turned around so we could finish the day.

When the day finished I met Jade by her car and told Niall to just follow us home. Once we got home we noticed dad and Tessa (jades mom) were gone.

"We went to meet the new neighbors we'll be back by six. Dress nice they'll be over for dinner. Love mom and dad xx"

"Jadey mom and dad are gone be ready for dinner by six!" I yelled up the stairs.

Niall and I spent the rest of our time just getting to know each other. When 5:00 came Niall and I both stood up.

"I have to go get ready for dinner with the Thirlwalls."

I laughed and said "that's my last name. I'm guessing you're my new neighbor."

We both sat back down and Niall joked "I guess when we were getting to know each other we should have learned our last names."

I agreed and we sat back on the couch watching tv until our parents came.

At the dinner table Niall sat to my right and Jade was on my left with Jason and our parents sat across from each other. Niall and I had our seats fairly close to each other so that we could reach each other hands under the table.

"So Kate, you and Niall seem really close. I take it you know each other?" Niall's mom Maura asked.

"Yes ma'am we're actually mates." I said holding up my palm.

She gasped and started to tear up.

"I never thought my little boy would be so lucky to have such a beautiful woman as his mate." she stated through her tears.

"Mooooooommmm." Niall groaned.

We gave Mrs.Horan a couple seconds to regather herself and then continued dinner. Pretty soon it was time for them to go.

Everyone stood up and my stepmom gathered the dishes.

"It was a pleasure to meet you guys thanks for having us over." Mrs.Horan said.

"The pleasure was all ours. Welcome to the neighborhood." dad answered.

When we got to the door Niall let go of my hand and leaned in for a hug. I returned it and felt his lips touch my cheek.

"See ya later neighbor." he said with a wink.

He finally left the house and I went up stairs to my room. I started to take my shirt off when I remembered my curtains were open. I walked over to pull them closed and saw Niall smirking from his window directly across from mine.

I shook my head and pulled them closed. I took a quick shower and headed to bed dreaming of a certain blonde Irish lad I could call mines forever.

A/N- that's it my new story what do you guys think??

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