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  • Published: 29 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jan 2014
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DIH is a group that plays COD , CS, CSS & CSG & DOD & DODS we play day and night sometimes , if you want to be a member of the clan please send it to us on our facebook fan page , so we know it and you should be okay to play or be good at playing them , or you just want to follow us , you are welcome to do so , you can also follow in their Facebook Fan Page https://www.facebook .com/pages/DIHDie-In-Hell/450321761703466 has also created a " website" called http://www.bricksite.com/dieinhell/velkommenwelcome we have also created a blog called http://dih-dieinhell . blogspot.dk / in the beginning we called ourselves for DDD standing of the Danish Boys and I do not think sound good and then I found the DIH in place and it stands for Die In Hell , and it also works on Danish Die in Hell and I think the audio prompts and brand of the moment there are only two in the DIH clan is DK_Noller and Patlar1992 which is part of the clan right now and we hope there will be more into our clan once.

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