The Boy In London

Caspar Lee the youtuber falls in love with a girl, I say no more here because of spoilers ;)


11. Saturday night

The week had been a very busy week, but now Megan could just let go, she phoned Charlie at 8:46 telling her to come round, then she snuck downstairs as quietly as she could so her parents wouldn't wake up and shout at her again today. Megan opened the door, with her little bag containing money, and her phone, then she exited the house, and waited by the lamp post just a few metres away. She waited there for only 5 minutes when Charlie appeared, looking all handsome, like he was going to try to impress someone tonight.

Charlie shivered in the cold as he spoke, "hi, so how long will Caspar be?"

Megan checked her phone, shivering more than Charlie, "hopefully only 10 more minutes at the most." She smiled.

"Brrr it's freezing, why didn't you bring a coat?"

"I don't really know, ahaha." She shrugged.

"Here," Charlie took his coat off, "have mine for now" he smiled as Megan thanked him and wore his big coat.

Charlie folded his arms hoping to get a bit warmer, he didn't mind being too cold knowing it was Megan with his coat. "Sooo... You and... Caspar."


"Is iiiit... Official? Are you dating?" His eyes glistened from the light of the lamp post, he was hoping the rumors were just rumors, and that his chance would come back.

"Yes, Charlie."

"Oh. Well I'm very happy for you both..." Charlie lied and the smiles disappeared. There was no speech until Caspar arrived in his cool car, "hey guys jump in! It's good to see you all again." He stuck his hand out for Charlie to shake, but Charlie left Caspar hanging, so he drove on.

"Ok guys, it's Sam Pepper's birthday, remember?"

"Of course." Megan nodded.

"Yup." Agreed Charlie.

"I can introduce you both to everyone, there's Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, even Pewdiepie and Phil Lester showed up, but most importantly, you'll be there, Megan."

Megan looked up at Caspar, driving to the party, dreamily. Charlie looked out of the window, then back at Megan, "if you're warmer I would like my coat back please." Megan took the coat off and thanked him, then Caspar gave Megan one of his hoodies, "It's really not much, and might not fit but it'll keep you warm for a bit, not that we'll need it in the party though." He smiled. Megan took the hoodie in admiration.

30 minutes later, Casper pulled up in front of a loud, lit up house. He grinned again, "here we are."

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