Bad boys

"Don't Hurt me!" Harriet yelled
"Dont worry love, i wont hurt you" he said smirking

Hi im harriet, Im not like other people, have you ever seen avatar the last airbender?? Well thats me, I have the tattoos and everything though i never have been really mad, no one knows about my powers but when im threatened by one direction, the biggest popstars and badboys around im forced to take some drastic measures


6. Don't worry. I won't hurt you

Harry POV

This chic is way to confident. She shouldn't even be here, it was Louis' idea to keep her here in the first place, he claimed 'something is off about her' ugh

Harriet POV

I looked at Harry, reading his thoughts. Something off about me? Boy he got that right.

"Who are you?" Harry said

I just stared at him, he slowly walked up to me and slapped me


I whimpered and looked at him, I can't tell him who I really am...

"My name's Anna" I said quickly and quietly.

Harry smirked, "that wasn't hard now was it?"

I quickly shook my head, i've already been slapped twice, I don't want another one.

I felt my watch vibrate slightly. It made no sound and I doubt the boys even noticed it. 'Not now!' I thought. I bet you have no idea what i'm on about do you? Well, I haven't really been telling you the truth, I work for The 'International Super-human Protection Service Of Others' or ISPO for short, it's a secret agency that works outside of the government to protect celebrities and important people, i'm their youngest agent. The people there tease me about my surname- Bond, ironic isn't it? Anyway, the watch i'm wearing right now, is not a normal watch, it is a communication, weapon, power device all in one, it helps me communicate with HQ, Stores a variety of weapons and monitors my powers, pretty cool right? It seems like Blue is trying to call me, Blue's the boss. The boss of everything. Most importantly. The boss of me. She's probably wondering where I am and what the fuck I was doing.

Harry POV

Her watch buzzed slightly, it was probably just my imagination, anyway, we need to get her out of here, we may be a gang but we also happen to be the hottest boyband right now and we really can't afford to have the rumours right now.

Harriet's POV

The watch buzzed again, more violently this time, woah, this is important.

"Sorry lads, I need to leave" I gracefully stood up and kicked the window, causing the glass to shatter on the ground

"Adios!" I yelled as I backflipped off the balcony and landed perfectly on the ground below, i brought the watch to my lips and said

"I need a car" I know I know! I'm only 13 and I can drive a car, yup, and a plane, yes, a train? Yeh, a helicopter? Easy. You see, i'm not very normal.

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