1. Firework

I dream, I dream of things that couldn’t possibly come true.

You appear in my mind more than a billion stars in the sky.

They bursting with joy and dance with grace along the howling wind.

I can’t to sing to the world for what I can’t seem say.

I am an empty dud, too malfunctioned to work.

You change that.

If I look into your brown eyes I hold together but only enough to see that I’m not strong; I melt with wanting for you and let the colors inside rise with in me.

I may seem calm and composed in my shell but inside there’s fireworks exploding, knowing that I can do it.

Every color, blue mixing with purples colliding with greens and yellows, from orange to pink to lime.

They Whirl, twist, screech, and sore about my body and make me want to explode.

To be dust and glitter down in new shades than what they were; every second fading to nothing.

I wish I could be more brave, to not be afraid of the world.

To just live like a fire work, and not this lump of a dud.

 To perform with no hesitations and end in wonderful colors like a real firework.

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