I'm here, Waiting....

Alari Winters..... Where to start about my life....... I'm a Delta in my pack, the Pack of Sparkling Water, Did I mention I'm a werewolf? Well I just did. I'm turning 16 soon, ANDDD Every 16 year old werewolf shifts for the first time, and gets to find they're mates..... I hope to not get our stupid Alpha, David Blackwell.... My story is JUST about to get interesting.....


1. 16th Birthday

GAH! Great... My 16th birthday... No shifting, no mate, WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG!! "Mate...." A voice breathed as I slowly turned around, to face... our soon to be Alpha, David Blackwell... "Y-You!?" I yelled as he smirked at me. PLAYER!! A loud and assertive voice snapped in my head. Who's in my head? I stammered as the voice chuckled. Your inner wolf, Icess. It replied simply as i sighed. Why aren't you freaking out over him? I asked quietly as I smiled nervously at him. He isn't our mate.... He wants to just use us... Get to your father Icess spat as I let a growl at David."You liar!!" I roared before storming off into the forest. I soon let out a wail of pain before I fell onto my white paws... Wait.. PAWS?! I SHIFTED!!! WOOP WOOP!!! I smiled a large wolf smile as I ran to the nearest stream to see my reflection. I was a rather strongly built perfectly made auburn and light chestnut pelted she wolf, with my matching ice blue eyes. "Wow.." A voice breathed as the strong scent of, Forest pines, and Wildflowers hit my nose. "Mate..." I squealed happily as I ran behind a bush with my ombré shorts and tank top, considering that my birth day is at the end of July. "Eric?!" I yelled as I looked at our packs Omega... "A-Alari!" He sputtered as my wolf Icess melted at the sound of his voice. "No... NO NO NO!!! I have a reputation in this pack!" I whined nervously as Eric sighed and put his head in his hands. "I know.... you can reject me...." He sighed sadly. "No... I won't, you are my mate, and I'm not like David, or, UGH... Bethany..." I spat the names out like venom as Eric smiled and gripped me into a tight hug, and gave me a loving kiss on the forehead. "Thanks..." I smiled into his chest as Icess howled out of joy. "No matter what, Omega or not, I love you..." I smiled happily as Eric rubbed my back. "Meet me here tomorrow, If you want... You can mark me..." I smiled up at him as he nodded violently. "Ok, great!" I smiled and kissed his lips lovingly. "If they notice, put it off until we're ready to tell them."Ok, I love you." Eric smiled as i waved over my shoulder and ran off.

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