The daughter of apollo

This is a crossover with Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.
Emily thinks she is a normal girl, but then a woman turns up and tells her she is a wizard and a demigod.


1. McGonagal turns up

Disclaimer: i dont own PJO or HP
This is my first fanfic and i hope you like it this happens after the HPbooks, and i dont exactly know when this is going on in PJO, but i figure it out later...

The daughter of apollo

"Emily!" My mother called "come to the living room!" I was in my room and tried to remember the guitarchords i had learned earlier that day, but i didn't. I was angry at myself, why dis i never remember such things! I can sing very well, but when it comes to instruments... So i was angry when i walked down the stairs to the living room. I stopped when i saw a woman in weird clothes stand in the living room, she was serious and turned to me when i came down. She looked on me a while, and then she said " Sit down Emily, i have something to tell you" I sat down and wondered why i did what she said. And then the woman began to speak " My name is Minerva Mcgonagall, you are adopted" i was too shocked to say something " And because of that you are different, your parents are special Emily" She said. " But, who are they? Why havent i lived with them? Why have no ond told me?" The last ond was to my mom, but McGonagal answered " You havent lived with them because it has been a war in our world, and they understood it would come before anyone else understood" " Our world?" i asked, i didn't understand what she meant. " It's a lot to explain, your mother is a witch, that means she has magic powers, and a wand. And your father... Where should i begin?" She sighed." If i said greek mytology to you what would you think then?" "Eehm... Isnt that the gods and that they believed in in greece?" I said, trying hard to remember my history lessons. "Yes, it is. They are true, your father is one of them ..." I couldn't say anything it was too much information at the same time for me so Mcgonagall continued " Your father is Apollo

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