You Had Me At Hello

It all started at a movie theatre then they started seeing each other more and more louis warned him but did he listen? No so now he has to deal with the consequences the consequences that may split the band up!!


4. Tiffany James

Tiffany's POV

"I know he likes me." I said to one of my 'friends' her name is Bianca but I don't like her.

"But he called you a bitch Tiffany and he also said that he doesn't like you."

"Shut up Bianca!"

"Fine but I'm just saying."

"Shut the fuck up I don't really give a shit what you have to say." I said cutting her off. She walked away from me I could tell she was crying but I don't care. People call me a cold heartless bitch but honestly I don't know why, I am perfect and everyone should love me, want to be me instead they hate me hah and if Harry fucking Styles doesn't like me then I will make him like me.

Harry's POV

I walked into room 23 Maths with Mr Stone I saw Emma as I went to go sit next to her I heard the teacher say " Ah you must be Mr Styles I am Mr Stone your Maths teacher."

"Hello sir." I said walking away.

"Not so fast Mr Styles come back ad stand next to me." The bell had just rung. "Class this is Harry Styles he will be joining us for the rest of his senior year please make him feel welcomed. You can go sit down now Mr Styles." I went and sat down next to Emma "Hey why did you walk off?" I said

"Don't worry about it ok."

"No I will."

"Ok you wanna know do you?"

"Yes I do."

"Tiffany that girl you were talking to yeh she hates me what story did she tell you this time?"

"She told me you fuck them then make them go back to where they came from."

"That's a new one and let me guess you believed it and now you are leaving me for her?"

"No I despise her and honestly I think that she does that she is a bitch that needs to learn how to respect other people."

"Well that was a different answer then what I expected."

"Yes well I told you didn't I, I would never ever choose anyone over you." She just smiled I looked up and saw the teacher staring at us.

"Mr Styles can you please tell me what we have been talking about for the last five minutes?"

"Um.......... no."

"Ok you have detention after school."

"But sir it's my first day."

"2 things mr styles 1 call me Mr Stone and 2 I do not care if you are a new student or if you are a famous teenage pop star in one if the most famous bands in the planet."

"Ok I'm sorry Mr Stone." I said in an annoyed tone. The bell rung and it was time to go to drama in the theatre. "Really Emma drama?"

"Oh trust me Harry you will be excellent at it." She said with a grin.

"Oh please I'm not that dramatic. Am I?" She just smiled and walked inside so I followed her. We got inside and I saw a teacher she looked kind if like a hippie when he saw me she came over and said hello. She told us to sit down so we did and everyone was staring at me well all the girls to be exact the boys didn't looked to interested which was a good sign. She told the class that there was a new student (which was obviously me) she didn't make a big deal of it like Mr Stone did but it doesn't matter coz he won't have to do it again. We were learning one of Shakespeare's plays I can't remember what one it was but in it I think that me and Emma get to kiss I'm not sure.

"The bell is about to go." She said "Do you wanna go out ad have some lunch or do you just wanna stay here?"

"Well." I said as the bell rung "What if we go and get something."

"Perfect." She said not letting me finish.

"I wasn't done what I was gonna say was what if we go and get something then we go home and blow this joint?"

"Yeh sure but one question."

"And what might that be?"

"What are we gonna do?"

"Well I know this place down near where I'm staying and it's really nice."

"Ok it will be fun oh and one more question."

"And again what might that be?"

"Is this a date?"

"Well as a matter as a fact it is." I said putting my arms around her. I could see that she was happy and as long as she is happy I'm happy.

Thank you for reading this chapter and stay tuned ;P

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