Save Me *Sequel to Respect Me, Understand Me, And Love Me*

Now that Angel left Justin behind.
Justin still having her heart and her having his they both are broken.
They both are falling apart but Angel new it was for the best.
But what about Justin?
Will he be the one falling down?
"He will be screaming Save me but you can't... you can't save him"


3. Chapter 2 *I Want I Want I Want*

Angel's P.O.V

To: Baby Angel <3


Angel Baby....


You responded!


Holy shit i'm freaking out baby please text me back


Please talk to me


Just let me hear you


whwere are you i want to see you


Have you heard about what has been happening


My Hands shaking slightly.

These text where sent in less that 2 minutes.

I held my breath and my tears streamed rapidly.

To: Justin<3

From:Baby Angel<3

I'm Sorry.... i'm so so sorry


I sent it and i looked at my computer and i sighed and turned it off.

My phone started to buzz.

I pick it up and see justin was calling me.

What have i gotten myself into?

I declined it and i got on my message's.

I felt myself kinda get frustrated.


From:Baby Angel <3

Don't call or text me Justin.... i'm fine... just leave me alone... forever.


I let out a small whimper.

But the truth is....

I didn't want him to leave me alone forever.

I wanted to be with him forever.

I want him to call me.

I want him to text me

I want him.... Now.

But i have learned....

Not everybody get's what they want.


Justin's P.O.V


leave me alone... forever.

leave me alone... forever.

leave me alone... forever.

That has been running threw my mind for 3 days.....

I can't stop think about her. I'm gonna kill myself.

I'm on edge to leave this planet. I groan and rip my beanie off angry and i throw it across the room.

"Fuck my life"I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I swore i probably shook the whole hotel complex.

Good thing i was alone.

I was alone.

I want angel here.

Stop thinking about her!

No never.

I breathed deeply.

I grabbed my beanie and put it on and grabbed my glasses and coat.

I put it all on and ran out of the hotel.

I walked out in the streets of New York.

I saw everyone rushing around.

Stupid fucking rush hour.

I kept my head low looking at all the little food places.

I went inside one and some people were seated.

I sigh and i sit down away from everyone else.

I look down at the menu.

"Hello what would you like today sir"A sweet soft voice spoke.

"I would like the burger and fries please"I said lowly.

I gave the girl the menu without looking up to show i was the justin bieber.

"O-Ok that will be right out"She said quietly.

I look up when she walked away and i saw her long dirty blonde hair sway.

The spit got stuck in my throat.

"Angel"I whisper.

I shook my head.

It's just a illusion justin.

Not really her i mean come on.

I watched the girl anyway and saw her put the order on the counter to the chief.

Turn around already...

One worker came up to her and started talking and giving glances at me.

I Looked down.

Angel's P.O.V    

I put the order on the counter and i saw christy walking to me.

"Holy shit guess who is here!"She said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Does this involve anything that's important?"I asked.

"Yes of course"She squealed.

"Ok who"I said writing down some notes on what i have to clean in here.

"'The one and only bad boy"She squealed.

I scoff.

"I don't know who that is christy"I said rolling my eyes.

"Ok it's Justin bieber!"She squealed.

I froze. Did she say what i thought she said.

"Justin who"I spat.

"The biebs"She laughed.

I froze.

"Oh are you a big fan because you became pale as a ghost"She laughed.

I shook my head.

"I just don't feel good"I said holding my stomach.

"It's ok i'll take over"She said.

I nodded and ran in the back not looking around this small restaurant.

I got my jacket and my bag and i quickly walked back out.

I clocked out and i walked to the door.

I look around the place and see a guy sitting far in the corner.

His head hung low.

A beanie placed on his head. Sunglasses over his eyes.

Tattoo's up his arms and his dark red cheeks.

I started to lose my breathing.

He shot his head up and i swore he was looking at me.

I gasp and run out of there as fast as i could.

I bumped into someone and i squealed and apologized.

I ran down the busy sidewalks.

I stop at the pay phones.

I put some quarters in and i dial a cab. 

Shaking lightly i look around and i see him walking this way but he was looking down.

I ran in this fancy hotel and caught my breath.

I saw people look at me with sympathy.

After a minute i sighed and i started to walk back to the door.

But he stood there in front of the door looking at me.

I stopped in my place.  

The world around me was silent.

It's like everything just stopped.

The time.

The movement.

The rotation of the earth.

It was like a movie that you paused.

It was up to you to hit play.  

Snapping out of my gaze everyone and everything was moving.

He took a step closer to me and i backed up.

"A-Angel"He said quietly.

I was surprised i heard him.

He slowly took off his sunglasses.

The brown honey color of his eyes sparkled and melted into mine.

Oh have i missed his eyes.

He stepped closer and i was frozen.

"J-Justin"I said quietly.

I heard him moan quietly.

It must of felt good me saying his name... because i haven't in such a long time.

He walked over to me and i was still froze in place.

There were flashes.

I looked outside and saw paps.

I covered my face.

"P-Please come"He said grabbing my arm and pulling me into the elevator.

I was shocked by all of this.

When the ding went off justin pulled me out and down this long hallway.

When stopped in front of his door he unlocked it and he pulled me inside.

The room was bigger than my apartment together.

I took off my jacket and thought...

What the hell am i doing here?

"A-Angel"He said.

He threw his coat on the ground.

I looked at him and felt myself get scared.

"R-Remember... when you t-texted me.... L-Leave me alone... f-forever?"He said shaking.

I nodded.

"I-I'm Sorry"He said.

"But I-I can't do that angel"He ran over to me and pulled me and in a hug.

His smell went in my nose and i wrapped my arm around him and i started to cry.

I pulled him closer and i felt like we were squeezing the life out of each other.

  "I've have missed you... your touch... your smell... your love.... it's been a year"He cried in my shoulder.

Running my hands threw his hair.

He got his head out of my shoulder and stared at me.

His eyes full of tears and so was mine.

"I want you"He said shaking.  



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