it all started with Lindsey Shaffer's daughter disappearing from their upstairs apartment in san diego California sudden kidnaps start happening and all the evidence was a bloody hand-print


1. Gone

The house was dark when i pulled up in my van. All i was thinking was where the hell is the baby sitter and why are there no lights on. Unless the baby sitter had put Ray to bed. Reagan was my 5 year old daughter. she is a beautiful little thing with long blonde hair and blue eyes rather tall for her age. i walked up to go inside but the door wouldnt budge damn it  i thought its locked. i walked around the side of the house the side door was cracked open what the hell was all i could think whats going on ?

i walked inside the only light was a flash light lying on the ground turned on. i tried to flip the light switch on but no light came on. i walked through the house not seeing or hearing anyone. Ohhh no i saw her laying there on the ground lifeless linda the baby sitter ... shit. reagan wasnt in the house anywhere she was...she was... gone.

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