Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


5. Chapter 5

i took several shaky steps toward the horrible seen, stopping several more times to recollect my courage. My feet finally hit the concrete sidewalk, nearly earning myself a face plant. I caught my balance long enough to stumble forward, running into someones back. The contact scared me, making my feet backtrack to fast and i ended up falling on my bum. It got quiet with the exception of the boys moans of pain. My eyes widened as i slowly raised my head, finding five sets of eyes on me. I gulped.


“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” The dark one said, crouching down beside me. I shied away, dropping my eyes.


“What are you doing?” An irish accent drawled, making me look up. The blonde stared down at me, his blue eyes staring down at me.


“I-i was just, um..... I saw you b-b-beating that guy up and i t-t-thought..” I stuttered, realizing how silly and stupid i probably sound. Sudden laughter made me jump. They were laughing at me. Tears stung my eyes in humiliation. Did I really think i could stop them? That i was going to be able to help the guy?


“You thought you could stop US from kicking his ass?” Harry asked, cruel amusement dripping in his voice. The dark one stood up as Harry leaned down, gripping the top of my arm tightly before yanking me to my feet.


“Now that’s cute.” He said huskily, his hand still wrapped rather tightly around my arm. It hurt, but i wasn’t going to let him know that. I glared up at him as he pulled up on my arm, making me stand on my toes in order to be the height he wanted me to be.


“Hm. You aren’t that tall.” He said, releasing my arm. I dropped down from my toes, my calve muscles screaming at me. I kept my eyes forward, not making eye contact with any of the five boys that were closing in on me. I couldn’t even twitch without touching at least two of them.


“You aren’t that big, and it’s obvious that you aren’t that smart.” One said, flicking his red hair out of his eyes. 


I felt my own red hair shift, someone brushing it back away from my shoulder and lightly tugging on it. A hand squeezed my bum, making me squeak. I whirled around, touching all five of them as i smacked the hand away. Someone shoved their hand through my hair, gripping a handful at the back of my head tightly, yanking backwards. My head snapped back, pain signals shooting through my body


“Ow!” I cried out, one hand gripping at the wrist of the hand that was yanking at my hair. I squirmed, trying to get free before a plump pair of lips ground my ear, freezing my actions.


“Let’s see how strong you are.” He rasped, leaving a sloppy kiss on the side of my neck before shoving me forward into the boy with red hair.


 He smirked at me before shoving me back into another guy. The action was repeated many times before i started to get dizzy, feeling a little light headed. I stumbled over my own feet, falling into somebody.


“Oh, well, hello there.” A deep voice said, making me look up at who ever caught me. 


Light brown eyes gazed down at me as he smirked. I pushed away from him hard, slamming into another. My bum was grabbed tightly, making me ball my fist up in anger. I whirled around, aiming high as my fist connected with his jaw, using the strength of the spin to add pressure. As Harry stumbled to the side, trying to catch his balance from the surprise blow, i pushed him further down as i slid by him, running as fast as i could away from the group.


“What are you waiting for?! That bitch hit me, catch her!” I heard Harry yell as the sounds of feet chasing after me started.


 I turned the corner, my face wet from the light sprinkle. My legs began to ache but i pushed on, fear driving me to keep running. I saw a car coming and i began to scream, waving my hands around like a crazy person. It screeched to a stop and i nearly cried with relief. The person rolled down the dark tinted window, his piercing green eyes freezing me in my tracks.


“And where do you think you are going, Love?” He asked, his deep voice raspy. 


A light bruise started on the side of his face, the imprint of my fist still there. I took a step back started to run again before a pair of arms wrapped around my waist, lifting me up off the ground. They caught me.

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