The Return of the Blue Box

It has been five months since a man in a blue box crashed in Amelia Pond's backyard


1. Where Is My Raggedy Man?

"No Rory; his shirt was blue, not white. C'mon you know this by now."

"My dad said this was the only shirt that I could play in."

"Oh fine it will have to do." 

Rory crawled back into the cardboard box they had painted blue. "Right, where were we?" 

Amelia pointed to her futuristic space helmet (that may or may not have been a colander) "Right, mars, okay." Rory said straightening his kitchen colander. "Now Amelia you are aware of how dangerous Mars is correct?"

"It doesn't matter, I'm safe Doctor, I'm with you."

"Of course but there are some rules-" Amelia had run off before "the Doctor" could finish his thought. He chased after her following her flaming hair. "Slow down, Amelia!" Rory shouted but she would not stop. Rory stumbled and fell (stupid tree) but got back up quickly as to not loose her. He soon emerged on the other side of the woods to find Amelia standing on the street looking longingly at a large blue truck. Rory was confused for a second before he figured it out, "Oh you thought it was-"

"It was him Rory it had to be! It made the noise and everything."

"Amelia he said five minutes, its been five months."

"No, Stop! Stop!", her ears were almost as red as her hair. "He's coming Rory. He is, he promised!"   

"Maybe you're right. Hey, maybe he got lost on is way back."

"Yeah, I guess.", Amelia said letting her hair fall in front of her face so Rory wouldn't see the tear rolling down her cheek.

"Can we take a break from the game?", she said hiding a sniffle. 

"Of course, let's go get a snack. What do you want?"

"What do you think Williams?"

They said it together, "Fish fingers and custard!"

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