The Games

Every year children about to witches and wizards and the children of Panem gather to a square where each child will be put in a glass box with one button. This button will make you sleep. The dream (or whatever you want to call it.) will put you through a series of tests. maybe grab a wand or a weapon see your skill. They will wake up with a number imprinted on their writs. that will detrmine their fate. Find out what happens when six children's number get mixed up and get put in places their not meant to be.


1. The Day.


  I as I wake up I remeber today is the day everyone has been dreading. The Day. The day all the children about to become witches or wizards and children of Panem get tested in a dream to be put in a place their meant to be. My name is Hermione. Hermione Granger.  I am 11 years old. All the other 11 year olds witches,wizards,Panem children about to be tested. The most important day in everyone's life is today!  My mother and father were put into Hogwarts. That means i must be put into Hogwarts. Right? As I get up I find my mother has put out a dress the girls wear once for just today. Blue on the bottom white on the top. I also see she has also put out a pair of white sneakers. As i come down the stairs i see my parents looking anxious. It might be the last time they see me. I might be put into Hogwarts or might be put into the Games. The Games. Fight to the death. Everyone watches. You can die. If you win you get to go home safe and sound but they take you first. To the Area. The Area is a place where the Victors stay for a week.They make you tell evreything you saw, everyone you killed,everything. The train comes to pick me up as i head out the door. They have a special compartment just for yourself. I find one with my name on it. I sit down and see another girl walk into her compartment. Katniss Everdeen,Panem,District 12. She sees me and I look away. The train stopped and I get off. I see lots of scared 11 year old awaiting their fate. We line up. One by one we enter. I am in front of the girl i saw on the train."Hello! Katniss?" Hi. Yes. Um Hermione right?" i smile. "Katniss Everdeen." a scary looking lady called out. Katniss walked up. They pricked her finger and she moved on. She looked back at me and threw something on the ground. I picked it up. A gold pin with a bird around it. There was something engraved in it " I will always remember you." "Hermione Granger." I quickly put the gold pin on my dress and step forward as se pricks my finger. I touch the gold pin before i enter.

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