The Show

Juliette Carter has it all, the best friend, the boyfriend, and the career. The 20 year old actress has just landed a perfect job in a new tv show. Who are her mysterious coworkers? How will her career pan out? How will the rest of her life pan out?


2. Accident

“You must be the famous Juliette Carter!” Liam said walking over to me.


“You guys are my interns?” I said shocked.


“At your service!” Louis said giving me a kiss on the cheek.


“Why are you guys acting?” I asked confused.


“Well we love singing, but our careers can only get better with acting!” Zayn explained.




“Enough chit chat! We have a read through to do!” The director shouted.


Maxwell's POV


I had an audition for a movie. I was really psyched for it. The only downside, Reese Ryan was also auditioning. I needed to beat him out of this movie, and this could be my big break! I made my way to the studio and of course Reese was there walking out.


“Hey Max!” Reese said like a jerk.


“Hello Reese.”


“Trying out for the movie are we?” He said laughing.


“Well that's what people tend to do when they go to a studio where auditions are held.”


“So rude!” He said pretending to be hurt.


“Oh shut up.”


“I think you're the one who should do that. I mean, telling my girlfriend you love her! That takes some balls.”


“You don't deserve her.”


“I don't? The multi million dollar actor? I'm pretty sure YOU don't deserve her. And she obviously doesn't see you in that way. You've been friendzoned. Deal with it.”


“I'm not a jerk. I know how to treat a lady.”


“I do too. I'm guessing if I didn't, she wouldn't still be with me.”


“You've brainwashed her.”


“The sad thing is that I really haven't.”


“Whatever. I have an audition to get to.”


“Good luck!”


“Fuck you.”


“Jules will.”


I walked away pissed. It's a good thing my character had pent up aggression. I was going to get this part, and Reese would be sorry he ever pissed me off.


Juliette's POV


After the read through the boys invited me to Starbucks with them. I accepted, thinking it was good to be friends with my co-workers, especially if this show took off.


“So Juliette...” Niall started.


“Jules. You can call me Jules.” I said smiling.


“Alright. Jules, I hear you got your big break with a movie called 'Little Lies.' What was that about?” Niall said smiling.


“Well I was the detective, and there was a murder in our close-knit community, and everyone had a part in it, but of course everyone lied about their part. And I should let you find out the rest for yourselves, then you can tell me all about it!” I said laughing.


“Looks like we'll have a movie night boys!” Louis said.


“You can come if you want, Jules.” Liam said politely.


“Maybe.” I smiled.


“So what do you think of the show so far?” Zayn asked.


“I like it. It's kinda been done before but it's kinda new at the same time.” I explained.


“So tell us about yourself Jules.” Niall said in his thick Irish accent.


“Well I'm 20. I'm from New York. I actually did a Broadway Musical when I was 8. I've always loved acting. You already know this, but my big break came from 'Little Lies.' My boyfriend of 8 months is actually an actor as well. I moved out to LA right after High School. I've had the same best friend since my freshman year of high school. And I sing. Which is obvious, since I did a Broadway Musical. I was in it from opening night to closing night. 4 years of my life. It's something that I can't describe, but everyone in the musical was like family to me. They still are. I talk to most of them on a regular basis.”


“Wow. You sound very accomplished for being 20.” Harry said shocked.


“Well so are you guys. We're all very accomplished for our age.” I said laughing.


Once I left Starbucks I made my way to my house, and invited Max over. We hadn't talked since Tuesday. It was Friday.


“So Max how was your audition?!”


“Fine.” Max said harshly.


“Whoa. Harsh. What happened?”


“I ran into your boyfriend.”


“Aw. You're auditioning for the same movie as him. I'm sorry, I didn't know. Well, so what! You have just as much of a chance as him.”




“You don't need to be a dick to me about it. It's not my fault.”


“I'm leaving.”


“Good.” Max and I got into big fights all the time. But he was still my best friend. We'd make up in a day at the most. I felt my phone buzz it was a text from Reese.


“Hey. Wanna celebratory dinner tonight?”


“Sure thing!”


“Pick you up at 7:30. I love you!”


“Alright, love you too.”


I ran upstairs to plug in my curling iron. I had wavy red hair and I hated it. I put on some eye liner, blush and lip gloss. Then I started curling my hair. When I finished my hair it was 7:00. I had half an hour to pick out my outfit and jewelery. I decided on my black mini dress with my red stiletto’s. I put on my diamond accented necklace the Reese got me for my birthday. I also put on the matching earrings. I looked pretty hot. Just as I finished I heard Reese open the door.


“Hey babe! I'm here!” I heard Reese shout.


“Ok. I'm coming!” I walked down the stairs and Reese's jaw dropped. I'll admit it had been awhile since I looked this nice. It felt good.


“You look....”


“Thanks.” I said laughing.


“So what are we celebrating?”


“You'll find out soon enough.”


We arrived to the restaurant where they led us to a private room.


So Jules I have a question for you.”




He got down on one knee and I knew what was coming. He pulled out the little black velvet box and said “Juliette Carter, will you marry me?”


YES!” I shrieked as I got up to kiss him. He slipped a beautiful diamond ring on my finger and hugged me for like 5 minutes. We finished our meal and I texted Max, I knew we were fighting, but I had to tell him. He was my best friend.


Hey Max, I know you're mad at me, but I have some amazing news!”




Reese asked me to marry him! And I said yes! I'm engaged!!”


Good 4 u.”


I'm glad you can't even pretend to be happy.”


Go sleep with your fiance.”


Go cry because my fiance got the part over you.”


You're a bitch.”


I'm a bitch. I'm a lover. I'm a child, I'm a mother. I'm a sinner, I'm a saint. I do not feel

ashamed. I'm your hell, I'm your dream, I'm nothing in between!”




You love my cleverness.”


Juliette. I'm still pissed off.”


I don't know why you're mad at me.”


Because you're marrying the biggest asshole in the world.”




Juliette, you know it's true.”


It's not. And I have to go.”


You can't run away from this.”


Watch me.”


I put my phone away. I wasn't going to let Max bring me down. I was engaged to Reese Ryan. I was going to be married to him!


Maxwell's POV


Watch me.” I read her last text message and I literally wanted to throw my phone. Why couldn't she see that he was a dick? He was one of the worst people she could be with! I wasn't just saying this because I was in love with her. While it's true I'm in love with her, if I can't have her I want someone who is going to treat her right to have her. So basically anyone except Reese.


I had to get my mind off this entire situation so I decided to go for a run. I grabbed my head phones and changed into running clothes. I left my house and started running. Just as I turned the corner I saw bright lights. That's the last thing I remember.


Juliette's POV

Reese and I arrived at my house. We sat on my couch and talked for awhile.


So whose house are we going to live in?” I asked Reese as I threw my legs on his lap.


I don't care. We both have very nice houses. Who has more stuff?”

Well I think you lived in your house longer than I lived in mine, so you probably have more stuff.”


Yeah, but you just had to move, I moved a long time ago. I'm up for a new house!” He said smiling.


Are you sure?”


Positive!” He gave me a sweet kiss. I felt my phone buzz and ignored it, thinking it was Max apologizing.


So when do you want to get married?”


Well that depends, do you want a big wedding or a small one?”


I don't really care. What do you want?” I asked smiling.


Let's Elope!”


Are you serious?”




Sweetheart, there are people I want to be there.”


Alright, we'll have a big wedding! Invite all our co-workers, family, distant family, friends, friends from high school...”


Oh shut up!” I said laughing at how stupid he was being.


Fine, but seriously, let's go for a big wedding!”


If that's what you want.”


It is.”


Alright, well since it's a big wedding I assume you want a big wedding party?”


Yes! Let's do my two brothers, and two sisters. I want Max in it, I'm sure you want Eric and

Steve. My brother in laws, and my one sister in law. And you should have your three sisters. And oh of course I need Mia.”


So seven?”


Yes!” I felt my phone buzz again. I pulled it out to turn it off, but then I realized it was an unknown number. “Hello?” I said hesitantly.


Is this Juliette Carter?”


Yes, who is this?”


This is Harper Daniels from Memorial Hospital. Maxwell Stevens had you in his phone as an emergency contact. Is this correct?”


Yes. What happened?”


Well Maxwell...”




Ok, Max was hit by a car.”


What? Is he ok?”


No ma'am. He's not. You should probably come here now. And if he has family contact them.”


He doesn't have any family.”


Well then come yourself.”


What room is he in?”


4935. Hurry.” I hung up my phone in disbelief.

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