Say Something

Ellie and her boyfriend Nate have been dating since freshman year, and they were now in the midst of their senior year. They two grew up together and Ellie was certain she was in love with Nate, until she met Ashton.
And when she met Ashton, she met Luke.
3 guys now had it in for her, and she has to pick. Her childhood best friend and high school sweetheart? Or a new guy she just met.


8. over for good

Cara dumped me at my house and left me to face my mother.

"What happened between you and Nathan?"

"Nothing." I pulled my dress off and put on sweat pants and a hoodie. I threw my hair in a bun and crawled in to bed, pulling the covers over my face.

"Something obviously happened. You're drunk, it's 3am and it's been over a week since you've been home. C'mon. Spill." Tears formed in my eyes as I sat up and spilled everything to my mom. 

"I don't know why I did it. But I did. And now..." my voice cracked and my mom held me in her arms. She tried comforting me but I just cried and cried. After about a few hours of me crying and talking to my mom about everything, she finally left to get some sleep. I lay in bed and scrolled through my phone, calling the first person I thought of.

"Hey, meet me by the trail. I want to talk." I hung up and got out of bed, pulling on some boots and grabbing a beanie. I snuck out and pulled the sleeves of my sweater to cover my hands from the brisk air. I walked slowly to the trail and when I saw who I was looking for, I briefly stopped walking. I took a deep breath and kept going to the bench. "Hey," I sat down next to him. "Thanks for coming."

"Of course. You said you wanted me to be a friend. And that's exactly what I'm doing; being a friend." He smiled and I tried to offer a smile in return. He stood up and grabbed my hand, bringing me up too. I wrapped my arms around his waist and he wrapped his around my neck. I sniffled into his shirt let out some sobs. We sat back down and I spilled everything.

"So basically now I'm a whore." I shrugged my shoulders.

"No you're not."

"Luke, I cheated on my boyfriend. Twice. And last night I went out, got drunk, and made out with a stranger. I'm pretty sure that all adds up to being a whore." Luke wrapped his arm around my shoulders and listened to me as I spilled.

"Ellie?" I turn around and Luke removes his arm.


"Save it." He shook his head and walked the other way. I jumped up and ran after him. I grabbed his arm and spun him to face me.


"You said there was nothing between you guys," A tear fell down his cheek and my vision blurred and tears formed in my eyes. "I came down here, because I saw you leave your house and I figured you'd be here. I came down here to give you a second chance. But I come down here and I see you with him."

"Nate. Listen to me," I chocked up and tried my hardest to fight through it. "There is nothing going on between me and Luke. We're just friends. I needed someone to talk to and he was there. That's it."

"Really? So the good friend that he is, he just kissed you when he knew you were with me." His sarcastic tone hurt, and I just wanted to grab him and scream at him that he was the one I was in love with. Not Ashton. Not Luke. Him.

But instead I just stood there, proving him right obviously. "That's what I thought," he added silently. He put his hood up and turned around.

"Wait.." He turned back around. "I.."

"Forget it, El. It's over... For good. Have a nice life." He scoffed, rolled his eyes, and left. It felt as if my entire world stopped spinning, my heart physically ached and nothing seemed to make any sense anymore. I wanted to run after him, but my feet wouldn't move. I felt sick and all I wanted was to turn back time to two weeks ago. When I was happily in love with my best friend, not standing in the middle of a park broken hearted.

Luke came up behind me and pulled me into a bear hug. I hung on to him tightly, and screamed in to his chest using his shirt to wipe my tears. I stood there for half an hour wailing in to his shirt and trying to calm down.

But no matter how hard I tried, all I wanted was to be in Nate's arms.

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