Teenage Dirtbag

Maddison Shields life completely changes when she meets Harry Styles at the Battle of the Bands contest. In just one night, she falls head over heels in love with him. But does Harry return those feelings? And what had Maddison to hide?


1. Battle of the Bands

'Maddy, we really got to get going', Denise yelt from the livingroom. 'I'm coming, almost done', I yelt back. That was really not true. I was standing in front of my closet for about 20 minutes now, still not knowing what to wear to the Battle of the Bands contest.

Suddenly, I saw my old Rolling Stones t-shirt lying all the way in the back of my closet. That's it. I mixed it with black skinny jeans and black converse. Than, I ran to the bathroom and put some mascara on. 10 minutes later, Denise and I left my house, waving my parents goodbye.

I had been looking forward for this gig for a long time. It was really the first time I went to a concert kind off thing without adult supervision, but my parents had let me go since I had just turned 15.

The Battle of the Bands took place in a small café just two blocks from my house, so we got there 5 minutes after we left. Denise and I both got a stamp on our hand and we went inside. The competition hadn't began yet and a DJ was playing music for now. The competition would begin at 10 o'clock and it was exactly 9.43 now so we had some time left.

Denise and I were just getting warmed up when a man walked up on the stage. He started to talk in his microphone. 'Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Battle of the Bands competition! The finals, I might add. In a few minutes, four amazing acts will be playing on this stage, and you will help the jury decide which one is gonna be the winner! So get ready, people. Here's the first band up, No Shampoo!!!'

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