happily ever after ?

A story with secrets in it so exited .....x read,you will love it ! I promise ...x!
"I'm not crazy I'm serious I swear that the boy I had a one nightstand with is harry styles ! You think he still knows ?he probably doesn't even knows my name "


1. the beginning of sonething beautyfull

I feel his hands on my bared skin he was gourgeus he made my heart pound a thousand times faster ... "o gosh" he said while giving small sweet kisses in my neck .he took my bra of and massaged my back,I felt his boner pushing against my panties . "I need you "he said .....it was the best night of my life ...x 


*2 years later *

Hey Lou can you hand me the hair wax please ? " 

I worked as a makeup and hair artist for bands,popstars and that kind of stuff. My best friend Lou did the same job but she was way better than me .

I was finally finished doing the hair of a not so famous boy band member when Lou said:"heey Charlie,this was it for today ,we can go now " I was relieved it was a hard day today . I packed my stuff grabbed my bag and wenth outside. It was really cold so I decided to walk a little bit faster but then I got a text from Lou saying :"we have a new appointment with a verry famous boy band !x we will be touring with them for the next five months and constandly be with them ! This a great opportunity x so exited XXX love ya ! " . I was happy Lou always foun A way to make me happy and to make me smile .... I responded the text  by saying :"jeejj I'm so exited !XXX love ya to !" 


I woke up withbutterfly's in my stomach I guess it was because of the new opurtunity we had today if they liked us we could be like famous makeup artists. I decided to get up and to put something nice on.

I was walking towards the makeup studio and I saw a large tour bus standing on the parkingline "its probably the bus of the famous boy band " I thought . But its weird they didn't told me what boy band it was ... we will see...


opened the door and I saw lux riding her bike ,lux was the baby of Lou and she was so cute "heey lux "I said while giving a little kids on her forehead . "Heey Charlie your here !,and you look amazing !" I heard Lou's voice while I saw here walking over to me ,she hugged me tight .

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