the beast inside (one direction fan fic)

hello my name is andrea and am 16 years old and im zayn maliks little sister


4. someone finally knows

*Brookie's P.O.V.*

i just stood there frozen at what i just saw i was walking to my best friends and out of no where i see her and  she pulls out fangs and sucks the life out of an animal omg i am freking out until she turns towards me and i suddenly feel the urge to faint thats when everything went black.

*Andrea's P.O.V.*

i look over and there was brookie looking at me so confused and scared i just didnt know she was coming over now she knows and then i noticed she fainted i used my super speed because i am a vampire and quickly ran to her and took her to my house so maybe she would think she was dreaming. i waited for hours and she still was asleep on my bed i was down stairs watching t.v. it was around 1 in the morning yes i know why so early because i am a vampire and there is this ring that makes us act as if we are humans it makes us sleep like them but if we dont have it on then we dont have to sleep and we dont have to eat human food but it can only hold you're vampire side in for 10 hours a day. finally i went to my room and suprisingly she was up but she looked terrified of me so i slowly walked up to her and told her everything she kind of relaxed when i said we dont suck peoples blood and after i told her not to tell she swore to secretcy with me she wouldnt she has kept the secret about zayn for a while so i think im good. she still looks at me funny but not scared of me but the way of she knows i am different. i love her to deathe and if i lost her because she is scared of me i dont know what i would do without her.


MUST READ URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for the short chapter but i have no idea what to write writers block comment what i should do plszzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need something to write about what do you think about me co-authoring i think i might get one to help with this fan fiction and maybe this story can improve some if i have somebody to discuss ideas with what do you guys think also GUYS I AM HAVING A CONTEST FOR YOU GUYS I NEED GIRLFRIENDS FOR NIALL COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND COMMENT YOUR AGE, HAIR COLOR, FAV COLOR, EYE COLOR, AND PERSONALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks yall guys i hope you like what little bit of chapter there is sorry agian writers block and PLSZZZZZ COMMENT...........-SHELBY

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