Little Darling


1. Little Darling

Little darling,
Who pushed you that you need to cling?
Cute, baby smile,
Big brown eyes that shines.

Yeah, I know you love her,
But does that mean you have to forget me forever?
I've got no right, I mean like who am I?
I am a person who can't keep a lie.

I thought you were kind,
Tell me you didn't leave me far behind,
I miss you little darling,
I could carry you to the top like a sling.

You are now mean and grew up to be a monster,
I thought friendship was like treasure,
I thought wrong,
Our friendship wasn't strong.

We will never be like before for sure,
I can only see our friendship in a blur,
Our time was wasted,
It was a mistake the you were the one I trusted.

Little darling,
You're harsh words bites me like a sting,
Pain runs to my throat,
It doesn't run thoroughly like a peaceful boat.



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