Gone for Good


1. Gone for Good

Let time pass,
Together, but quiet in class,
Always arguing,
You were never the same being.

Why are you like this?
Is this your way to get me pissed?
Are you making fun of me?
Well, it's not funny.

I am so mad at you,
I wanna throw you across the room like a shoe,
But I can't since you're still my friend,
Like they said "We're not broke just bend".

I hope you realize that I am still here,
In between all those crushed veneer,
I am still your friend no matter what,
Over my dead body that would soon rot.

You are gone for good,
You pulled me down as soon as I stood,
You have changed my darling,
I am looking forward to the happiness that you will bring.

I thought I was a good friend to you,
But I wasn't good enough to balance two,
I want the boy who was gone for good,
'Cause I know for myself that he was never rude.



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