one in a while


1. once in a while

I think about the good old days 
Wish that you hadn't walked away 
The way you held my hand 
My ray of hope, my strength to stand
I miss the way you made me smile 
Once in a while

I wake up scared horrified by the reality 
The fact that you aren't the one you used to be 
Those memories come back and leave me in pain 
Never thought I'd be broken again 
With every part of me I've lost my smile 
But I still find one once in a while

I shudder because my world is just cold
You made me feel young and alive but left me to be dying and old 
My fears fill me in adding up and breaking me inside 
I've never felt so lost, just searching for some place to hide 
Its hard as hell, but I do bring up a smile 
Once in a while

I loved you as much as a mother could love her child 
But you lost your head took me for granted and went wild 
You were a part of me, and I cared for you more than anyone could 
But all you gave me was lies and betrayal just like a teenage child would 
Though its broken and sometimes fake but I still smile 
Once in a while

I miss you now and then 
Dream about the good times when
We were perfect and we had it all 
But you left me in the darkness all alone to fall
Its the same face, the same number but not the same you 
So I just wear a smile which once in a while  is true 

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