Kick A$$ (Harry Styles Fan Fic)

"Kam, you see that guy over there?" Jami pointed to a familiar guy dancing with two girls. "He's a boxer, you two should so get together." I rolled my eyes, the one and only Harry Styles. "I'd rather fight him then be his one night stand." Jami laughed. "He's one of the greatest boxers there are, I'm pretty sure a girl like you couldn't beat him." I turned and looked at her. "A girl like me?" I snickered and looked back at him. "I could kick his ass."


9. Chapter Nine

(Harry's POV)


"Hey Baker Boy, did you bring my fucking money today?" I tried to ignore him by walking away. He grabbed my shirt though, and pulled my face close to his. "I asked you a fucking question, and if you don't answer I'm going to do things you don't want me too." He spit in my face and I looked away, wiping it off.

"I'll have it tomorrow, just back off." I tried pushing him off, but he was stronger than me.

"The due date was today you little prick, now you'll pay the price." He shoved me away then, I stumbled and ran into somebody else. They rolled their eyes and walked away. I looked down at the ground and ran to my locker.

After school I ran home as fast as I could. I couldn't afford a car yet because the bakery was just a temporary job that wasn't working out to well. But the owner knew me well, and I like to help her out.

I walked up to my door and walked inside, I threw my backpack on the floor. "Mom?! Gemma?! Robin?!" I waited for a response, but I didn't get one. The blood drained from my face, did they go to the extreme with my consequence for not paying them? I ran up to Gemma's bedroom hearing soft cries. I looked around her bed, and I saw her on the floor. The carpet was stained red around her, a sliver of wood had gone right through her stomach.

"Gemma who did this?!"

"STAY AWAY FROM ME! YOU DID THIS TO ME!" What?! I froze in place. I ran downstairs to the phone and grabbed it, I dialed the police and they came immediately with ambulances as well. They took Gemma away. My step father Robin was found dead in the backyard, he was suffocated to death. And for my mother, they smacked her head on the side of the toilet. All of them were dead except Gemma.

"Sir, may I speak to you?" I looked up from the chair I was sittin on, in a waiting room of a hospital. A police man stood infront of me. "We need to ask you a few questions."


"Harry-." He turned his back from me.

"I really don't want your opinion on this. I want to go to bed." I rolled over so my back was facing Kam. I couldn't believe she could even ask about this. I felt her hand on my back, and I quickly jerked away not wanting to feel her touch.

"Harry, I let you help me with Derek, why won't you let me help you?" I rolled over and looked at her. Her face was blurry from the tears in my eyes. Without any control over my body, I found myself hugging her. She put her hand under my arm, and rested her hand on my shoulder pulling me close.

"Just don't bring it up again, please." She nodded, but as I pulled away she stayed close to him. We stayed in bed for a couple of before I finally got up. "I'm tired of staying in bed, come on." I helped her out of bed, and we walked downstairs. "I'm going to make a salad, want one?" She nodded, and walked over to the TV. I smiled then, seeing her turn on the Wii next to the TV.

She set up two remotes, and put nun-chucks in them. "Hey Curly wana fight?" She laughed as she clicked on boxing. The boxing match started, and I quickly jumped over the couch and grabbed my remote. She got two punches in right before I got there. She laughed as she eventually beat me. "Guess that means I'll beat you in real life too."

"I want a rematch." She smirked and clicked reply. We played another match, and she won again. "You're cheating."

"No I'm not!" She slapped my chest.

"You are, you always do." She frowned.

"Go make me a stupid salad." She pushed me and I smiled a little. I walked back into the kitchen and made both of us a salad. We sat down starting to eat, and I finished before her. "You're going to like choke on your food or something, or get fat." She laughed as she took another bite.

"No, you're just a really slow eater." She threw a piece of lettuce at me that had salad dressing on it, and it suck to my chest.

"And she hits the butterfly!" I picked it up, and threw it at her. I hurt her right above her shirt, and right at the right time. It went down her shirt, and she jumped up. "EW!" She shook it out of her shirt and it landed on the floor. "That was uncalled for." I laughed, and she took her shirt off, only wearing her bra. There was a small trail of salad dressing that started at her collar bone, and went down to her belly button.

"You hit the butterfly, that was uncalled for." She rolled her eyes.

"Go get my a t-shirt, before I hit your butterfly again." She sat down on her chair, and I groaned as I stood up. I walked upstairs, and grabbed a shirt that was laying on the bed. I threw it at her, and she put it at. "Really?" I looked up at her, to see a baggy shirt on her, that just happened to be mine. I laughed.

"You look better in my shirts, why don't you just wear them?" She took it off and threw it at me.

"Fine I'll get my own shirt then." She put her empty salad bowl in the sink, and went upstairs to change. I followed her up there, and right as she opened her closet I picked her up by the waist and threw her on the bed. "What are you doing?!"

"You have to keep my shirt on, because I say so." I threw my shirt back at her, and she caught it. "It's pay back for hitting my butterfly." I laughed and sat next to her.

"I don't want to smell like a man though." She laughed, covering her mouth with my shirt.

"It's got your breath all over it now though." She groaned, knowing I was right. She sat up and put my shirt on. We laid back down on her bed, and she crawled on top of me. "God your squishing me."

"Am not, shut up." Her hair brushed my cheek, as she got comfortable. "I'm gonna take a nap, okay?"

"Okay?" I said kind of confused. She smiled, and closed her eyes. "Wait on top of me?"

"Yeah your fat is squishy it's comfortable." She laughed, I wrapped an arm around her waist. The room went silent as her breath got even. It was kind of cute seeing her wear my shirt.

I decided to do something bizarre then. I knew Kam, was asleep, but why not? I carefully lifted her up and laid her beside me. She moved around a little bit, but cuddled into the blankets. I snuck outside and ran to my car. She was gonna love this.


(Kam's POV)


I reached upwards to see if Harry was there, but I couldn't feel his face, or hair. I opened my eyes, and saw my pillow. I sat up, and looked around. I was laying on my bed, and Harry was gone. I grabbed my phone, and looked at the time. It was almost 9PM. I got up, and realized I was still in Harry's shirt. I took it off, and grabbed his sweatshirt instead. I was cold, and lazy.

I walked downstairs, to see my father sitting on the rocking chair watching the Olympics. I looked over his shoulder, he was watching figure skating. He always thought that was a wimpy sport, but I found it interesting. Just the way the boys could throw the girls around, and the girls would still land gracefully without a scratch on their body.

It was truly amazing. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a banana. "Hey dad, do you know where Harry is?" He turned slowly, looking at me.

"No, is he downstairs practicing?" I shrugged, and walked downstairs. The basement was dark.

"Harry?" There was no response, I walked back upstairs and sat on the couch. "He wasn't down there."

"Use your telephone." I laughed, I loved my dad for this. He probably didn't even know what a iPod, or laptop was. He was so old style for a 50 year old. I texted Harry asking him where he was at, but he never replied.

I called him a few times as well, but he didn't pick up. I nervously played with my hair, where was he? He barely knew his way around here, would he really go off on his own? I struggled to think of a place where he would go. I willingly got up and walked out to the garage, my mom and dads cars were still here.

I took a deep breath, maybe he just went for a run. I went back inside, and my dad had a huge smile on his face. I knew it couldn't of been from the TV, because ice skating is boring to him. "What are you smiling about?" He looked at me, and he looked angry again. What the heck?

"Go clean your room, it's a mess." I raised my eyebrows confused, but didn't argue. I went back up to my room, and looked around. I heard the door close, and I turned around. I screamed when I saw Harry, but he quickly covered my mouth.

"Sh it's just me." He laughed, I slapped him across the face. "What the-."

"DON'T do that!" I covered my face, my heart beat racing fast. I hated it when people scared me.

"Was it really worth the slap?" He said laughing.

"Stop laughing! It's not funny!" He snaked his arms around my waist.

"You could at least kiss my cheek and make it better." I took my hands from my face, and looked at him. He was giving me the puppy eyes, but it wasn't really working at all.

"You're not cute." I laughed a little.

"Come on just make it better, it stings." He laughed.

"You've been in worse condition." I said, pointing downwards. He crossed his arms across his chest and leaned against the door.

"Shut up." He said kind of upset. I rolled my eyes, and walked up to him. I kissed his cheek, and rubbed it softly.

"I'm not apoligising though." He laughed.

"It's okay you don't have to." He picked me up, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, clinging to him like a little kid. He sat me down on the bed, and crawled over to the other side. "I know it's a little early, but ugh. I couldn't really wait." Was he purposing or something? I mentally laughed, I hope not. He pulled a square, black velvet box from his jeans. To big for a ring, thank god. I'd probably panic and pass out. "Happy Valentines day." He smiled, and opened the box.

I smiled, as I a pink diamond necklace in the shape of two boxing gloves in a heart form was infront of me. My face turned a bright red and I looked up to Harry. "Harry I-." I covered my face, and then looked back at him.

"Here turn around." I turned around, and he took the necklace from the box, and placed it around my neck. He clipped it in the back, and I pulled my hair out from it's grip. I turned back around.

I pecked him on the lips. "Hey I got more than just a kiss on the cheek this time." He joked. I laughed and pulled him into a hug. He sat me down on his lap, and played with the necklace.

"How long have you had this for?"

"I went out and got it today, you're dad gave me the adress to a jewelry store."

"I think it's beautiful, just like your smile." I said, obviously being cheesy. His eyes lit up, and he grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers.

"I don't think anything can be as beautiful as you though." My face turned red again, he always knew what to say. Me on the other hand... "It's kind of funny actually, I was there and the guy there was trying to get me to buy something original. Like just a square diamond, but I saw this one and I was sure you'd like it better."

"I'd like anything you got me." I laughed. "Thanks a lot though, now I have to find something for you." It wasn't that I had to pay him back, it was just I was horrible at shopping for guys. I can shop for a girl and get them the perfect gift, but a guy. No way.

"You don't have to pay me back." I frowned.

"Yes I do."

"You can pay me back, but wearing my clothes more often?" He offered.

"How is that helping you? That just means you have to do more laundry." He shrugged, and agreed.

"True." I laughed, I knew I'd find him the perfect gift. I'd have to.


A/N: YAY I finally updated! I don't know if you guys saw my mumble or not, but if you didn't I'll summarize why I haven't been updating. I'm having school troubles with socializing, and a class. I've been trying to catch up. I just started a new sport too, which is also getting in the way. I don't have a study hall either. So life is just busy. I hope you understand, and I apologize  But thank you for the feedback! Once again! It means a lot more than you think it may! I'll updated ASAP! (Not Edited)

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