The Summer of June

June is out of freshmen year and summer has just begun. She is finally going to see her dad in California for a month. Her and her dad barely knew each other so it might get awkward. One night June and her dad got into a fight, she decides going back home early?! But before she leaves she goes out for her last night in Cali. When something happens to her will she stay and say goodbye to her family back home or leave and never come back to California?


2. Getting Ready

Usually my mom comes and picks me up from school but today she has a meeting so I'm stuck with walking. I start to put in my headphones but I heard a little girl screaming! I turned around frightened and worryingly. I saw a girl in front of a car with something in between the girl and car. I ran as fast as I could to the little girl, as soon as she saw me she cried even more but running to me I picked her up in my arms. Then I remembered why I was here I looked at what the girl was screaming at. It was a women. Oh my god! I think it was her mom, her mom got hit by the car! I looked to the girl and started crying with her but then I furiously turned my head towards the car. As soon as I started to put the girl down and walk towards the car. The person got straight out and grabbed me by the hips. "Hey is that ur sister or something u guys don't look nothing alike. U know I am finding u very attractive right now" a drunk person I can already tell by the reek of alcohol in his breath.  I slapped his hands off my waist and started yelling things. I kinda forgot the little girl was there. "Listen hear u little fuck nugget u don't ever put ur hands on anyone like that. And no she isn't mine but all I know is is that she is very hurt now because u killed her mother! Now u listen u are gonna turn ur ass in or I'll do it myself and u won't like either ." He looked at me shocked but I waited for his answer " fine" instead of pulling out my phone I just punched him I had no idea what got over me but I did it and then called the ambulance. They got here 5 minutes after wards. And I left to go get ready for Cali. 

As soon as I got home the tears came right back and all the memories of today. I can't believe that much could happen to me in just one day! Then I heard Hayden coming down the stairs. I quickly wiped my tears away and put on a smile. "Hey bro how was ur last day of school?" "It was good, but u realize I could her u crying right?" Shit. " why we're u crying June Bug?" I told him, I told him everything. "Whoa I'm so sorry sis" I saw a tear coming down his face but it was just that one. I really never saw him cry before. Well what happened to that little girl is devastating so I understand if he cried. "Uh I better get ready and finish packing" I kissed my brother on the cheek and went upstairs.

hmmm, the blue unicorn tank top or the I ❤️ nueva York tank top... Eh I'll just take both. As soon as I was done packing I started to get ready. I pulled out a nice sunflower yellow dress that had my back showing, I love this dress. I turned on Pandora and hopped in the shower. I love hot showers. OMG me and Ella's song came on. Alone Together by fall out boys. I started singing at the top of my lungs " I don't know where ya going but do u got room for one more troubled soul, I don't know where I'm going but I don't think I'm going home unless I give in and tomorrow I don't wake up dead. This is the road to ruin and started at the end Saying! Let's be alone together!" I was interrupted when Hayden yelled something at me I couldn't quite make it out but when I did I laughed. "STOP SINGING LIKE A DYING WHALE LIKE SEAL U DORK!" I knew he was just joking around because I could hear him laughing so I started making loud Whale Seal like noises "AR AR OUAHHHHH OUAHHHHH AR AR" I sounded so stupid! My body was clean and so was my hair so I jumped out the shower and started to put on some lotion and blow dry my hair. I put on my dress, hoop earrings. My necklace that says sisters on it ( me and Ella) and some eyeliner. My hair was so far in the middle of my back, I had wavy hair so it looked nice. As I was walking down stairs I heard whistling and Dog barking. "WTF are

u doing Hayden?" "What u look good" I started to smile at that, though it was a bit weird since me and Hayden rarely complimented each other but it was nice. "Thnx bro" " no problem Sis" Hayden is 19 and also has brown hair that is kind of like Justin biebers hair style I guess idk but he has turquoise eyes they are way more gorgeous than mine. He also has a great smile, sense of humor, well just his whole personality is great a lot of girls have crushes on him.

" Hey I smell da food! I want it in my belly!" I said rubbing my belly " and once again not attractive, but I made some potato soup" "mmmm sounds good, and hey poo brain I'm always attractive" I said laughing but then I skipped a step and almost fell but caught myself. Hayden looked at me and started cracking up "yup ur so attractive and totally not clumsy at all" I rolled my eyes with a smile and ran in the kitchen. The food looked great. While me and Hayden were eating there was just silence and it was really weird. Then Hayden looked up at me and said " you know u don't have to go to California if u don't want to no one is making u, I just really don't want u leaving and I don't want John laying a finger on u." "Thnx but I'm going and I'm pretty sure he has changed plus u should call him dad. I know he never treated u like a son but he still is ur dad" "what ever but if that guy lays a hand on u u kill him or punch him..." I looked at him with a WTF look on my face. He looked down and I saw tears rolling off his cheeks. " hey what's wrong" I said as I got up and say next to him rubbing his back. " I don't want u to go to that monster June Bug I love you to much to let you go and I'll miss u like crazy!" "I love u too Hayden" he was hugging me so tight I almost couldn't breathe but I wasn't going to let that stop me from being with him. 



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