The Summer of June

June is out of freshmen year and summer has just begun. She is finally going to see her dad in California for a month. Her and her dad barely knew each other so it might get awkward. One night June and her dad got into a fight, she decides going back home early?! But before she leaves she goes out for her last night in Cali. When something happens to her will she stay and say goodbye to her family back home or leave and never come back to California?


1. Schools Out!!!

Finally the last day of school! The day everyone has been waiting for. Although I'm going I miss my friends and "sister" Ella. I'm pretty excited to go to California to see my dad for a while. Oh let me indroduce myself my name is June Isalia. I'm soon going to be 16 years old in July, I know it's weird my name is June but my birthday is right after June! I have brown hair, and blueish greenish and grayish eyes I guess they look pretty cool. People say they look like they are starring into a beautiful blue ocean. I can see why. I guess I'm kinda tan, plus I'm a medium sized girl not close to fat but not close to skinny, I like it like that. Honestly I think I'm pretty cute.Anyway my parents are divorced. They got into divorce because they fought a lot and my dad would abuse my older brother, Hayden. When ever I did something bad he would punch or slap my brother and when Hayden got in trouble it would be worse... So now I am really hoping my dad has changed... Like ALOT. 

     While I was on my way to first hour, English, someone put there hands on my eyes "Guess who?" This person had a really weird voice. "Um a Smoker whose on crack?" I asked a bit frightened of the answer. But instead I heard a giggle, a girly giggle. "No silly it's me" I turned around and saw my BFF Ella. "Please don't ever talk like that again!" "Aw what like this, mmm babe come here I wanna nible!" I almost peed myself of laughter. " what the fuck was that" I said in between laughs. "My awesome voice, which u will hear before you go to sleep if you don't give me a hug already!" "Ok" I swear I wish she could come to Cali with me but my mom already said no since she didn't even want me going.

     Ella and I came into the Cafeteria and say in our usual spots. And of course the ass wholes came to sit with us. That's what I call the snotty rich girls in our school. "Aw where are ur lunches? U already finish? Maybe u should slow ur fat asses down" I saw in the corner of my eye Ella clenching her fists. So I spoke up "actually we just sat down, we were just waiting for u to come to our table so I could to this" I grabbed my coke I got from our school vending machine and poured all over her." Sorry did I miss a spot" I still had a bit left and just poured where it looked like she peed her self. I'm just so tired of her picking on me and Ella. But this time Ella looked at me shocked but then had a devilish grin. She grabbed her soda and poured it one the other two girls. We walked out of there with a huge crowd behind us. I felt like a boss walking out of there and I'm pretty sure Ella feels the same way.

    "I'm totally happy how our last day went, I really wish u didn't have to leave tonight"

!" Yup that's right I'm leaving tonight! Ugh "I know babe it will be ok we will text call and FaceTime everyday no matter what!" I felt tears burning into my eyes already, I just wasn't ready to leave or go see my dad. "Babe don't cry ur going to make me cry" but it was to late we both we're crying into each other's arms. This was our goodbye. "I love u Ella" "I love me too June Bug" we both giggled at that but I knew that she loves me too. "Bye Ella" "bye" I swear I was about to cry my eyes out I just couldn't leave her. Not like this! But as soon as I turned around she was gone she had already left.



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