Camp Half-Blood *Make your own character*

I've seen theses around and wanted to try one out :)
Just full out the form in the first chapter and submit in the comments.
I might need a co-author so feel free to ask


1. Becoming a character

To be in the story just fill out this form::

Full Name:



Godly Parent:



Anything else I'd need to know:


I'll need a least one from the main 12. I'll take all for at least a week.

Don't forget to add boys too xD


My character:

Full Name: Jaylen Conner

Nickname: Jai

Appearance: Short blonde with darker highlights. Blue eyes with a green ring around the iris.

Godly Parent: Apollo

Age: 16

Personality: Sweet and outgoing. Loves to be the leader, and is very involved with her friends. Can get hostile at times.

Anything else: She had been at the camp since she was six.


Thank to you anyone who submits I'll make a list soon!

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