Through The Darkness

This is going to be my first published story and it's basically an internal thought kind of thing. Please enjoy!


1. Help Me

Help me. I'm falling. I need you to catch me. I can no longer identify who I am anymore. I'm hurt. I'm dying. I don't know who to turn to except you. I can't save myself. I never could. I need you now in this time of desperation. I come to you scarred and in pain. Please help me. No, don't leave. I need you by my side. I need you here. I'm standing in the cold falling rain with nothing. I have no one. I'm lost. Please show me the way. I've done all I can for you, can you please save me in return? I need your love and your support to pull me up. I'm overboard. I'm afraid I've done all I can for you. Wait. Don't go. Please stay. That's all I ask is that you stay here and fix me. I'm broken. I'm shattered. Can you change the monster I've become? Is there enough glue in the world to glue my pieces back together? Only you can answer that. There is no one I need more than you. No! Wait! Please don't leave me! Don't leave me here! I'm scared! I'm crying do you hear me? Tears pour down my cheeks as I beg you not to leave me. I'm afraid of being alone. Of being by myself. I'm afraid of losing the one thing I need most in my life. You. No, don't cry. Leave the crying to me. This isn't your fault. It's mine. It's all mine. I can't help myself. I need you to. I need you to be here always and forever like you promised. You promised me. Please stay. You are my oxygen. Without you, I'm nothing. I'm nobody. I'm a human with no purpose. I'm a life without love. I'm a tree without leaves. I'm a boy without a mother. Please stay here with me and change me. Make me your Kidrauhl once more. I'm lost. I'm so lost. Help me. Be my shining light, Guide me. I'm dying inside. Revive me. I come to you with a broken heart and beg you to make it whole once more. Please believe in me. Believe in me like you promised. Show me the way. Show me the way through the darkness, Beliebers. Please. No. Come back. Don't go! I'm just a kid! Please forgive my mistakes! Please! come back... I need you... I love you...

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