My little secret

Arielle Malik was as close to her brother as two people could possibly be. That was until the one night that caused her to change drastically. After months of being depressed and pushing everyone away, Zayn is extremely frustrated by his failed attempts to not only comfort her, but to have her confide in him about what it is that happened. When Arielle is finally ready to recover, and her mother arranges for her to tour with her brother's band for a few months, things may spiral out of control in more ways than just one...


1. 1

Arielle's POV >>

I am so not excited. My mom is forcing me to go on tour with my brother and I am going to be with him while in the United States. I begged her to not make me go, but she was stuck on the idea. The reason I am so opposed to going with him and his band is because my brother doesn't exactly like me. He used to. We used to be inseparable, but then came the day...

Anyway, I’m here at the airport waiting to board my flight. I was arranged to fly first first class even though I was fine with coach. People with money just can't resist wasting it. I head to a Starbucks nearby and grab a hot chocolate and muffin for the long ride. I would get coffee to keep me awake, but I can’t stand the taste of it and I doubt I ever will.

I quickly board the plane and end up sitting next to a really kind woman. I talk with her for the duration of the plane ride as well as read my book and play word search on my phone.

We finally land in Florida and I make my way to baggage claim. I wait patiently for my bag to come around the carousel, but when I finally spot it, a man in a hoodie grabs it and begins walking away.

“Hey, that’s mine!” I shout, running up to him.

He turns around. He is wearing a beanie and sunglasses, but when he takes the glasses off I realize who it is.

“Hey, Zayn,” I greet him shyly while holding my arms out for a hug.

“Hey,” he replies coldly, turning and walking out of the building.

I catch up and follow him into the parking lot where he throws my luggage into the back of the car and climbs into the backseat. I jump in the seat next to him.

“What’s been up with you... besides being in a world famous boy band?” I ask, trying to get him to talk to me.

“Not much,” he says, shutting me out. My heart aches. I wish he could just let it be when I don’t want to tell him something.

I give up, and we sit in silence for the ride to the hotel as he looks through his phone. When we arrive, he grabs my luggage from the back, and I snatch my carry-on. I follow him into the elevator inside and we head up to the sixth floor. He shows me to the room that we will be sharing. Since I don’t know the rest of the boys, I wasn’t allowed to stay with them.

We enter and I immediately change into my spiderman pajamas. When I come back out of the bathroom, there are four other boys in the room. As long as Zayn has been in One Direction, I have never actually met these guys.

“Hey,” they all cheer at the same time.

“Hi,” I mumble shyly.

They come up to me one by one and give me hugs.

“Hello, beautiful,” Niall whispers as he hugs me last, making me blush.

“Why are you blushing?” Zayn asks from nearby.

“It’s hot in here,” I lie smoothly, taking off my sweatshirt.

No matter how angry Zayn is at me, he will still be way over-protective. He gives me a suspicious look, but lets it slide.

“So tell us about yourself, Arielle,” Louis requests as he sits down on the bed next to me.

“There's not much to me. I like dogs and my favorite color is purple,” I say, obviously terrible at describing myself.

“Well I say we go get some food,” Niall pipes up.

“You are always saying that,” Liam jokes, slapping his arm.

“Well I am hungry and I am going to get some food,” he says, standing up.

“I’ll come with you,” I say, also wanting a nice meal after my long flight.

Zayn gives me a warning look, but I just ignore him and grab my sweatshirt off the bed, following Niall out the door.

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