The Famous Hottie

You are on you way home from school and suddenly you bump into someone,you look at the persons face and see the one and only JUSTIN BIEBER!!!


1. Chapter 1

You and and your bestie are fighting at school:

Y -Kylie can u stop telling me what to do?!

K -I'm not telling u what to do I'm just helping you!

Y -Oh really?!

K -YES!!

Y -Kylie I'm gonna go home now I can't deal with you right now.Bye.

K -UGH!Bye.

You where on ya way home when suddenly someone bumped on ya.

Y -CAN U FUCKING WATCH WHERE YOURE GOIN-omg it's Justin said in a whisper.

J -Hi I'm sorr-

Y -No it's okay :)

J -Good.Em bye I gotta hurry up.

Y -Bye...

At home.

" omfg I just bumped on Justin Bieber,oh god I can't believe that omg"

"Hey honey,why are u so chocked?"my mom said.

"You won't believe me"

"Tell me"

"When I was in my way home I bumped on Justin Bieber!"

"The famous 19 year old hottie?!"




"Wow,okay but you better get your homework done before your dad gets home,he wants to spend time with you"

"Em okaaay"

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