Age unharmed

Andrew skyes, brother of Oliver Skyes, meets a girl online and falls in love. With some complications along the way they end up long distance relationship. But there's more to this couple than meets the eye. Adventure/romance

A lot of sexual content...
Pg 13/14.


4. parade. "WARNING"

Andrews p.o.v

I wake up at about lunch time. My brother is coming over tomorrow so I clean up a bit. There isn't much to clean since my roommate is out for the week. I don't have much to do so I sit on the couch and played video games for the rest of the day. I hope Kat is having fun.

Mikes p.o.v

We jump out of the car and start to walk down the street to the parade lane. Kat passes me a mini pride flag and we stand around everyone. Ready to start the parade. I am so excited for the parade and the after party!

"Mike it's starting!!" Kat pokes me and we have a mini celebration as we start to march down the big road in the middle of Vancouver.

Kat's p.o.v

Mike grabs my hand and guides me to this giant gay pride after party. It's dark out and everyone is throwing glow sticks onto eachother. This is going to be amazing. Some guy comes up to mike and smiles and is all cute and flirty with him and it's adorable. They swapped numbers and are grinding and getting drunk and kissing. I leave them and go to the bar and a girl comes up to me and starts buying me these little shots. Not wanting to be rude I take all of the super heavy shots. I start feeling really woozy, I don't know why, I get up and fall onto some one and the closest person was the girl buying me these shot things. I could feel she was getting horny because she started getting closer to me and grabbing my waist.

" what's your name beautiful?" I say even thought the music almost blasts my ear drums out.

" crystal. Come with me!"

I follow her and she brings me into the bathroom. The stalls where big and long and if you closed the door no one could see under the door or over. It was like a big box. With a dim lightbulb on the roof of it. I pass out.


Crystals p.o.v

This girl is so drunk, I kind of feel bad. I make it up to her by fucking with her. I could tell she was straight so I gave her a bunch of devils horn drinks. They make you horny. I pleasure her until she comes then I cuddle and kiss her. Fingering her lightly. She is beautiful. She won't remember anything, I take controle of her getting back onto her face. She pumps her tough into me. I then lay down and push her face into me. Harder and harder I push as I orgasme and she doesint stop. Licking me fast and pushing her face in I have the best orgasme I've ever had. It doesint stop as I flail around she laughs. She knows what's happening right now, but once I drug her she will forget. She will think I kissed her and maybe fingered her then left. I now feel no guilt. I feel pleasure, so much of it. I kiss her and then give her the drugged shot. She rubs me and slows down. She passes out. I dress her, kissing her forehead. I put on lipstick and kiss her cheek. Leaving my love mark. I open the door and no one is there so I drag her out to beside the sinks. I walk out the door and find my next victim.

Kat's p.o.v

I wake up in a bathroom. All I remember is this girl walking me somewhere then blacking out. I look in the mirror and see a hickie and a lipstick kiss, I wipe off the kiss and I call mike.

Mikes p.o.v

" mike, I think I love you." Zac tells me as we sit outside. He snuggles up to me.

"Come live with me and Kat. Please" he looks at me.He grabs my hand and kisses it. "You come live with me." I giggle and he kisses my cheek and My phone buzzes.

-phone call-


M- Kat where have you been all night?

K- I don't know. This girl bought me drinks then started kissing me and I blacked out. I woke up with a hikie and a headache. Where are you?

M- me and zac are outside. Come see us out the frount doors.

K- ok bye.

-hangs up-

"What's wrong?" Zac asks as he flips his blond hair away from his pale blue eyes. "Don't worry babe, we're going to go soon ok?" He smiles and nods.

Kat's p.o.v

I walk into a stall to find two girls fingering. I shut the door and go to the next stall. No one. I go to the bathroom and then walk throught all the drunk horny people. Getting my ass grabbed, and my boobs. A guy steps In front of me and grabs my arm lightly, I can't see his face but he sounds familiar.

" Hun, where are you goin?"

"I'm leaving, I half to get home." He smiles at me.

"Well drive safe." He walks off. That was weird. But nice, I finally get to mike and another guy and we get into the car.

"Aren't you drunk mike?" I ask. The blond guy answers me.

"He dident have any drinks. And I'm zac by the way." He smiles at me and kisses mike on the cheek then sits down. I let out a little aw and mike blushes. I fall asleep on the drive.when I wake up. I'm laying on a mattress in an apartment. My crotch hurts and i still have lipstick on my cheek. I clean up and put on just a little mascara I had in my purse on and walk out in mikes boxers and a shirt. I see a muffin and a cup of tea on the counter. Zac is is the kitchen and mike is laying on a couch. I smile and walk up to zac.

"Good morning sleepy. I make you breakfast." He looks at me and sees I'm wearing mikes boxers. He giggles then continues on what he is doing. I take the muffin and tea and sit on the chair beside the couch. I turn on the tv and text Andrew.

K: hey cutie how's it going?

A: getting ready to go out for supper with my brother and his new wife. How was the parade baby?

K: good, someone touched my butt but I left after. These lips are yours!

A: hah it's ok baby. I can't Wait to see your beautiful face!

K: I'm getting my computer tomorrow. We can skype!

A: sure thing baby! I gtg bye beautiful!

K: bye Hun

I put my empty tea cup in the sink. Mike is awake now. "So where are we anyways..?" I ask sitting beside him and zac.

"My apartment. Your welcome to come here anytime!" Zac says kissing my forehead. I smile and grab my stuff. "Thank you for having me. Il be sure to come back soon!" Zac helps mike with his stuff.

"You both better! Love you babe, bya kitty Kat!" He giggles and kisses mike. We wave goodbye and get In the car and drive about an hour home. Mike drops me off at home and waves goodbye. I walk inside and upstairs. I lay on my bed watching a show.

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