Foster Love

Izzy a sixteen year old girl who has been in and out of foster homes is waiting to find the right home to stay in. When Mrs. and Mr. Kurt bring Izzy home with them, they start to think that they might want to keep her forever. When Izzy meets Vic she insistently falls in love. its against foster rules to date your foster sister's or brother's. Will Izzy confess her feelings for Vic or will she hide them away forever?


1. intro

Foster Love
Ever since I was seven I’ve been in and out of foster homes.  I’ve trying to find people who will keep me for good.  No one’s ever wanted to keep me. They pick me up from foster care one day and return me the next. Now I’m sixteen, No one seems to want a teenager. People only want to adopt little baby’s. 
I sit on my bed suitcase in hand, waiting for my new parents to pick me up. “Bed thirty two, Please report to the front office”  I get up from my bed and make my way down to the office.
“Izzy, this is Mrs. and Mr.  Kurt. You will be going home with them today” Beatrice the head mother of foster cares says in a calming voice.
“Hello” Mrs. Kurt says kindly putting her hand out. I shake her hand, and follow them outside. 
“If there is any problems, just call me” Beatrice hands her card to Mr. Kurt.
“Will do” He says while waving me over to the car. I get in the backseat and do up my seatbelt.
The drive to their house is quiet, just like every drive I take anywhere.
“Welcome home” Mrs. Kurt says joyfully
“Thank you” I say quietly while taking in everything around me.
“I’ll show you to your room” I follow Mrs. Kurt out of the car and into the house and upstairs till we reach a small room with a single bed in the far right left corner.
“We didn’t have much time to get much in here before you got here.” She says while setting my suitcase on the bed. 
“This is fine, thanks” I smile.
“Finally a room to yourself.” She says while making her way back to the door.
“Yes, it’s wonderful” I say trying to sound a bit excited.
“Dinner is at six, that give you about a hour to unpack and cleanup” She shuts the door gently. I move swiftly over to the bed and open my suitcase. I grab the picture on top of me and my sister. I haven’t seen her in two years. She got adopted by a young couple with a baby, they only wanted her not me. She should be fifteen by now.  A few tears roll down my cheek, I quickly wipe them with my left hand. I set the picture on the small nightstand beside my bed.

Meeting everyone.
I make it to the dinner table right at six o’clock, I took the only empty seat left. The table is full, I notice two kids about my age sitting at the table too.
 “Izzy I’d like you to meet Vic and Julia” Mr. Kurt says while pointing at both of them. 
“I’m Vic” He says that with a flirty smile.
“And I’m Julia” She rolls her eyes at Vic.
“Hi” I scoop a fork full of rice off my plate and bring it to my mouth.
“Izzy, you can call me Kayla and you can call him Jim” Mrs. Kurt smiles. I can’t keep my eyes off of Vic, He’s perfect, everything about him is perfect.
“What grade are you in?” I narrow my gaze to Julia after she asks that.
“Eleven, I haven’t been in school for a while, my last home I was home schooled” I look down at my full plate of food.
“Oh sweet, same grade as Vic” I look up at Vic and he nods.  
“I was wondering if I could be excused?” I say looking over at Kayla and Jim.
“Of course” Kayla says with a fake smile on her face. I can tell she’s not really happy here. Not really happy with Jim and his kids. I get up from my chair plate in hand and walk in to the kitchen.
“What do you think of her” I hear through the wall, I set my plate down beside the sink and listen.
“Well I like her” Vic says.
“Of course you do” Julia says all snobby.
“And you Julia?” Jim says quietly thinking I can’t hear him.
“Yeah I like her, just wish she wasn’t so quiet. I use my fork to put the rest of my food in the garbage; I run back up to my room and shut the door. I run over to my bed and throw myself on face first. Tomorrow is my first day at school; let’s hope this is better than the last time I hear in my head on repeat.  I grab my book from my suitcase which is now on the ground; I flip to the piece of rip up paper I use as my book mark. I read till I can’t keep my eyes open anymore, I drift in to a deep sleep.
“Oh shut up you ungrateful BRAT!” Gorge says as he pushes me on to the bed. He ties me down to the bed and starts undressing.
“Please no! PLEASE STOP!” I say as he starts undressing me.  I wake up screaming, Vic comes running in my room.
“Are you okay?” I sit up shaking like crazy.
“Yeah I’m fine” I say wiping the tears that are escaping my eyes.
“What happened?” he says while quietly moving to my bed and sitting down beside me, he rubs my arm calmly. My whole bunch shivers when he touches me, a wave of warmth goes through my body, It feels magical. 
“Just a bad dream about a old house with bad people.” I claim.
“Bad people?” he says hinting that he wants to know what about. 
“Nothing important. You should get back to bed.” I smile pretending to be okay.
“Are you sure?” he says looking into my eyes.
“I insist” I put a fake smile on my face and look over at the door. He gets up and walk over to the door but before he leaves he says something under his breath. 
“Goodnight, I love you” I hear the last two words right before he’s fully out of my room. I smile at the thought of us kissing, the thought of him holding my tightly. I lay back down and close my eyes thinking of him. 

Vic’s P.O.V;
There’s something about Izzy that makes it hard for me to stop thinking about her. I can’t quiet name what it is. I need to break her shell; she’s so closed and protective. I smile at the thought the things I would do to her; I quickly stop when I see Julia entering my room.
“Vic, can I come in?” Julia says closing my door softly.
“You’re already in” I sit up on my bed and turn on my reading light.
“I know, I just heard Izzy screaming and I saw you in there. I was just wondering what was going on.” She sat down on my bed and looked over at me.
“Bad dream.” I claimed shrugging my shoulders.
“About?” she says leaning a bit closer to me.
“She didn’t say. Now Julia get out so I can sleep” I turn the light off and lay back down pulling the covers over my head; once she’s gone I pull the covers back down. I wonder what Izzy thinks of me.
“What if she hates me? What if she loves me?” I cover my face and sigh. I think of her, a huge smile crosses my face. I slowly drift in to a deep sleep.
“Vic, get up!” I hear loud knocking at my door. I push myself up and sit.
“I’m up” I answer with a cracked voice. I get up from my bed only in boxer and open my door to find Izzy standing in the hall way by my room.
“OH GOD SORRY!” she says a little too loudly, she quickly turns her head away from me.
“No sorry it’s my fault” I smile at her as I see her looking out of the corner of her eye.
“uh yeah” she quickly walks passed me and down the stairs. I blew it, Vic you’re so stupid.
After getting fully dressed, I walk down stairs and walk to the kitchen, And there’s Izzy sitting at the breakfast bar eating a apple.
“Morning” I say grabbing a bowl from the cupboard.
“Oh hey, sorry about earlier” she takes a big bite of her apple.
“No biggie” I pour some mini wheat’s in to my bowl and fill it with milk. I grab a spoon and sit down beside Izzy. Am I to close to her? Should I move over one? ,  she quickly gets up and goes a throws out the rest of her apple.
“Do you ever eat?” I can’t believe I just said that, I cover my mouth and close my eyes showing I regret saying that out loud.
“Yes I do actually” I open my eyes and watch her grab her bag off of the counter and swiftly walk’s out of the kitchen. She hates me. I’m such a fuck up. I finish my cereal and place my bowl in the sink.
“Vic time to go” Julia says quickly as she passes by the kitchen then straight for the front door. I grab my sweater from off the chair and put on black vans on and walk out the door.
“Duuudeeeee who’s the hottie who just got out of your car?” Troy asks while I walk up to my group of friends.
“Oh her, Izzy.”  I look back to see Izzy clinching her fists as if she’s scared.
“Why was she with you?” he asks.
“Well, my parents picked her up.” I look down at the ground.
“Like what do you mean? Was she homeless?” He looks over at Izzy and checks her out.
“No, dude just let it go” He lifts his arms in defence.
“calm down.” I sigh and walk away.

Izzy P.O.V 
Why was Vic asking me all those questions this morning? I look over at Vic to catch him looking at me; I clinch my fist waiting for him to look away. I let my breath out when he finally looks away. 
I walk in to the school and find the front office. I walk up to the desk, “excuse me” I say kindly to the pretty woman sitting at the desk. She looks over and me, you can tell she’s way overtired and hung over.
“What can I help you with?” I feel someone walk up behind me, I tents up.
“It’s my first day and I have no Idea where to go” I smile, I can tell she hates her job, dealing with stupid problems like mine.
“Oh yes” she turns her head to the computer and clicks a few times. “Izzy?” She turns her head back to me.
“Yes” I hear a laugh behind me, I turn to find this total gorgeous tall man standing behind me, he looks at me and smiles. I smile back.
“Miss, here.” I look bad at the lady and take the paper she is handing me. 
“Next” she waves me away. I look down at the paper and see what class I have no. ART in caps is at the top of the page, room 128. I pause and look up from my paper to find the man from the office right in front of me.
“I’m Jake” He smiles.
“I’m Izzy?” I say as a question wondering why he’s talking to me. 
“Yeah I overheard, I was wondering if you would like to come to my party on Friday?” He gives me a charming that makes me melt.
“uh-uh…” I’m speechless.
“Think about it.” He winks are kindly moves out of the way for me to continue. I start walking again on a mission to find my class.
I walk in to the class room a quietly as I can. The teacher stops talking. Shit. I didn’t want to make a scene. 
“Who are you?” the teacher puts her hands on her hips.
“Izzy.” I say under my breath.
“Welcome to art. Rule number one never be late.” She says the word never harshly.
“I’m deeply sorry I was caught up in the office” I smile hoping that will shut her up.
“Number two no excuses, now sit down. I’m just explaining the project that is due Friday” She says demanding. I walk over to a sit in the far right corner near the window. I sit down and notice that Vic is sitting right beside me. I sigh and pretend not to see him. 
“You will all be given a emotion, you must take you canvas and try and show that emotion the best you can with paint. Please come over here now and pick a emotion.” Everyone gets up and rushes over and grabs a small piece of paper. I slowly get up and so does Vic.
“after you” he smiles and puts his hand out gesturing me to go. I smile back; I walk up and take one. I walk back to seat and open up the paper. LOVE is big letters fill the page. I instantly think of Vic, a huge smile comes upon my face, Vic gently take my paper and says “what did you get?” he reads it out loud.
“Love” he smiles and hands it back to me “Any ideas yet?” he asks acting interested. 
“A few” I blink fast and set my paper down “What did you get?” I turn to him.
“Sadness.” He has a straight face. What could he be thinking about? Right now I wish I had powers so I could get in his mind and know what he’s thinking. 
“Oh cool.” I turn back to the front and start sketching idea on a black piece of paper. All I seem to write is Vic over and over again. I look up and catch Vic looking at my page. I quickly crush it in to a ball and grab my bag and get up and walk out of the class. He comes out of the class and says
“You okay?” he steps closer to me.
“Yeah fine.” I put a fake smile on my face.
“I saw.” I turn bright red and walk farther away from him.
“Izzy” he grabs my arm. 
“No, you didn’t see.” I claim pulling myself away from him.
“But I did, Izzy listen” he pleads.
“What” he quickly moves over to me and kisses me. I push him off knowing its wrong. 
“I thought…” he quickly steps back and gets all shy.
“I can’t…you don’t understand.” I walk back in to the class and return to my seat. 


Julia’s P.O.V

“He totally likes her” I let slip out of my lips.

“OMG really?!?!” Sara smiles. God I hate when she act’s stupid.

“Oh yeah, and she likes him too” I smile in disbelief.

“Well what do you think about that?” Sara asks leaning farther across the table.

“I don’t think she’s right for him, I mean she came from foster care. She’s poor, No one wants her.” I instantly regret what I just said. I see Vic looking over at me he clearly heard me say that. He shakes his and shoots the death look at me.

“Yeah I bet she dirty, probably a slut” Sara smiles at herself happy with what she just said.

“Probably” I say still looking at Vic, I mouth the words ‘I’m sorry’ to him. He clearly doesn’t care.

“We should trick her.” Sara says all excited.

“How?” I say grabbing my bag and standing up. I start to walk to my first class and Sara follows me.

“Let’s tell her Vic likes her. Then she’ll kiss him and get kicked out of your house.” She catches up to me.

“Yeah good idea” I bite my lip after that as we pass by Jake, my crush since grade four. He winks at me and I start to melt inside.

“Catch ya later” I say just before I enter my first class. I sit there wondering if Jake likes me. He walks in to class and smiles at me. He sits behind me and taps my shoulder.

“Hey you.” He doesn’t even know my name.

“What?” I say playfully.

“Do you know that new girl Izzy?” OMG does everyone know IZZY MISS FUCKING PERFECT.

“Yeah why?” I smile pretending to care.

“Well I thought you could maybe find out if she likes me?” he smiles. My heart breaks, all this smiling and note passing was for nothing. He will never like me. I turn back to the front and grab my stuff and run out of the class. I start crying, WHY DOES HE LIKE HER? WHY HER AND NOT ME?. I start walking down to the bathroom to clean myself up. When I see Izzy in the hallway, I hide behind the wall peaking over at Izzy. I see Vic come out the classroom, I hear them talking.

“I saw” He saw what I wondered. When Vic kisses Izzy I gasp. OMG I need to find Sara NOW! I get up and go look for Sara. Once I found the class she was in, I looked in the window and waved her over. She asked if she could go to the bathroom then quickly came outside.

“What?” I look at her almost in tears.

“First Jake likes Izzy and second I just caught Vic kissing her!” She stand there with a surprised look on her face. I grab her hand and walk her over to where I saw the. Vic Is still there, I walk up to Vic.

“I saw that” he looks over at me with sadness in his eyes.

“Oh shut up.” He shoots at me.

“Dude she’s not worth it.” I say trying to get him to give up on her.

“She is to me.” He walks back in to his classroom and shuts the door. Sara runs up to me,

“She’s such a slut.” She says trying to make me feel better about the whole Jake thing.

“Never mind all of this, just go back to class” I walk off in anger.

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