In her eyes.

A girl going through bullying depression and self harm. She doesn't know how long she can take all of the hate towards her.
A curious harry styles notices her standing on top of the roof of her highschool.
He doesn't know what she's planing to do but he was about to find out.
Will harry be the one to save her life?
Or will he turn away?


3. More unfolds.

We decided to order a pizza. I am going to take a shower I said grinning let me know when the pizza is here. OK i'll ring a bell Harry said teasingly I shoved him playfully. See you in a couple minutes he said. The shower was warm just what I needed to clear my head. Only thing that was unpleasant about the whole thing is it made my arms burn really bad. I had the word worthless cut into my left arm. As soon as I had the towel rapped around me,harry was knocking on the door are you descent? Oh crap I didn't want him to see my arm. It was to late I got out and shut the door he seen my arm. He grabbed my arm gently and turned it over. Tears welled up in his eyes. He didn't care i f I was only in a towel he grabbed me and hugged me. I am so sorry...Its not your fault harry he looked into mye eyes. I wanted to kiss him so I could really know how he felt. I went to the bathroom again to  put my clothes on. Pizza finally arrived we sat on the couch next to each other and watched a movie while we ate. So what grade are you in? I am graduating in a couple of months I said proudly I am 19 yes old. Oh he said. He looked at me we locked eyes he leaned over and kissed me it lasted for what seemed like forever my heart was racing he finished his pizza well of to sleep tomorrow I will introduce you to the boys.

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