I've got you.

"Why are you doing this? If this is some type of sick joke then just stop, I can't stand this anymore!" I cried.
Tristan looked my in the eye and I couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears started streaming down my face, slowly at first but then more came and they were running miles a minute. I covered my face with my hands, too embarrassed to let him see me but Tristan removed my hands gently and wrapped me up in his arms.
"It's not a joke, Via. I've got you beautiful."


6. 6.

I woke up on Friday morning buzzing for the party later in the night but also a little anxious. That was, until I received a text from Jazz.

"Heyy gorgeous girlie:* slight change of plan, party is on next Friday instead!:( Max's parents were going to visit some aunt but their flight has been delayed till Tuesday! Party is next Friday, same plans tho just a week late? See you in an hour <3 xo"

I groaned and sent Jazz a quick reply. Grumpily, I started getting ready for school, I was actually excited for the party! I quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth, then straightened my hair carefully to make sure I hadn't missed any curls, as my hair is naturally really curly, and then applied light foundation and eye make up. Then I rummaged around in my wardrobe and pulled out a baggy vest with 'Free Spirit' scrawled across the front with an Aztec pattern, a burgundy skater skirt, white converse low tops and my cropped denim jacket. I grabbed some brackets and my bag as I left and jogged downstairs to get an apple and a granola bar, my daily routine.

"You know, you should really be eating more for breakfast." My sister commented as I reached for the door.

"Love you too, Hayley." I said and walked out.

When I got to school I found a very fidgety Jazz waiting outside.

"You ok there, Jazzy?" She saw me and looked relieved. Running down the steps two at a time, she grabbed my hand and dragged me back up them.

"Hey, cool it, what's wrong?" She turned around and said quickly "We have to find Tristan now!" And tossed me her phone. Luckily, I caught it and it didn't break, I looked down at the screen and saw her Facebook was open. She was on Chloe's page and I looked at her status and froze.

"They're dating?" I asked feeling my heart sink. He gave me butterflies and I still remember that little shock of electricity I felt when we first touched.

"Well that's the thing, I don't know! His doesn't say that, but I don't think he was online yesterday, so we need to find out!" She pulled me into the busy hallway and tried to run through the crowd of students, but it was no use.

"Jazz, stop. We'll find him at lunch ok? Thank you." I pulled her into a hug. She gave me a little squeeze as the bell went and turned so she could find her classroom. I entered mine and slumped down in my chair.

My partner walked in, but as she doesn't talk much she didn't ask or anything, just sat down.

Finally, after all my long boring lessons, I had made it to lunch. I waited for Jazz outside her classroom and we walked to the cafeteria. I only then realised we hadn't seen Chloe all day.

"Umm, have you seen Chloe at all?" I said turning to Jazz. She shook her head and was about to say something, but as if Chloe had been waiting to hear us say that, she turned the corner and approached us.

"Hey Chlo, where have you been? We were just talking about you." I tried to sound friendly but inside I was seething with anger. Not because Chloe was Tristan's girlfriend and I wasn't, but because I knew that way she would treat him.

She smirked and replied "Just been with Tristan and the guys. Such a shame the party isn't today." She pouted and I deflated inside. Why is she always with Tristan?! Oh wait. It's because they're in a relationship.

"I've got to go. My nose is looking a bit shiny." She muttered and walked away.

"Why can she never have a conversation like us normal people?" Jazz rolled her eyes as she said this and I laughed weakly. We finally reached the cafeteria where our friends waved us over but I wanted to get a drink so I turned to the nearest vending machine. Jazz left to greet our friends and I inserted my money into the slot to get a Dr Pepper. I bent down to retrieve my drink but someone grabbed it for me.

"Thank you." I said whilst they handed me the drink. As soon as I touched them I felt the familiar spark of electricity and I tingled all over. I looked up to find Tristan smiling down at me. "Anytime, Via."

I blushed, but then remembered my advice from Jazz about confidence and smiled back.

"Did they tell you? The party is next week now." He said looking upset.

Out of nowhere, I felt a little boost of confidence which dared me to ask him "Have you made new plans?"

He looked at me and raised an eyebrow "No, do you?"

"Well that's the thing, maybe we could all make new ones." I smiled. He smiled back and tilted his head.

"Jazz and I were going to go to Nandos, maybe you and Max and some others could come too?" I tried to explain myself. It was a lie, Jazz and I hadn't made any plans but I knew she'd be up for it.

"Sure." His smile deepened. "What time?"

"6:30?" I suddenly remembered the whole Chloe thing. "Oh and Tristan?"

"Yeah?" He looked at me. I'd forgotten how beautiful his eyes were.

"Umm, Chloe put up this status on Facebook about the two of you being in a relationship...is it true?"

Tristan looked at me with total confusion. "No, I'm not in a relationship with anyone." I fought the very tempting urge to grin like an idiot. He laughed and shook his head.

"That girl is crazy. She's been at my side every minute since I got here!" He laughed, but he didn't sound cruel. "Well, Via, I'll see you tonight. Can't wait." He winked and walked away. How does he always give me butterflies?!

I smiled to myself as I approached our table and sat myself down next to Jazz. I explained to her that we were gonna go to Nandos with Tristan and a few of his friends and she gave me a wide smile and squealed.

"Awesome!" She grinned. I remembered Will in English and noticed he was sat a couple of seats away from us with his friends.

"Jazz? Maybe we could invite Will?" She looked over and smiled to herself. Did I just see her blush?

"Sure." She said a little breathlessly. I smiled and stood up just as the bell rang signalling lunch was over.

"Meet me at my locker and we can get ready at my house. You can borrow some clothes." I winked at her. She smiled back at me and jumped up to give me a hug before running off to her class.

I joined the crowd of students trying to exit the cafeteria and even with all the pushing and shouting I smiled to myself. Tonight was going to be great!

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