The new kid

A new neighbor (Zayn) moved in and he sure has his eyes on Ana. Ana falls heads over heels for Zayn but her ex and other people won't let them be together


29. Here we go 2

 Ana POV 

 I woke up to my alarm clock Blasting music in my ear. I shot up and quickly turned it off. I grabbed some clothes and got into the shower. 

**After the shower**

 I quickly got dressed and did my hair and make up. I am going to look for jobs today since I want to help with the rent and get myself a car. I walked over to Zayn's room to wake him up. 

 "OH MY GOD ZAYN THERE IS SOMEONE DOWNSTAIRS WITH A GUN." I yelled, He shot up and looked at me laughing. 

 "Got you up, now get dressed we have to go." I said and pushed him into the bathroom while I laid on his bed. 

 After about and hour of Zayn styling his hair we were finally able to leave. Zayn dropped me off at the mall and I walked in. 

 **After job interviews**

 I called Zayn to pick me up and I went and sat outside. 

 "Hello." Someone said, I looked up at them and smiled 

 "Hello." I said 

 "Have you considered being a model." They said 

 "No, not really." I said 

 "Well, call me if you do." They said and handed me a card. 

 "Thanks, I will." I said and got up and into the car when Zayn pulled up. 

 "What was that about." He asked and pecked me on the lips. 

 "I don't know, They said if I wanted to be a model then to call this number." I told him and gave him the card.

 "You should do it, I mean you're beautiful and have an amazing body." He said 

 "You wouldn't mind, You do know most models have to do more revealing photo shoots." I told him.

 "No, You're mine not theirs, why would I worry." He said 

 "Zayn, I'm not a piece of meat you can fight over like tigers." I said and looked out the window.

 **skip car ride**

 "Babe, I'm having a few friends over." Zayn yelled from his room.

 "Alright." I yelled back just as someone knocked on the door. 

 I quickly answered it and was greeted by 3 guys. 

 "Umm, Hello you must Zayn's friends." I said and smiled 

 "And you must be his sexy maid." The one with the brown eyes and a quiff said. 

 "Excuse me." I said in a very angry tone.

 "Oh you can be excused by me anytime." He said again 

 "Yeah I've had enough." I said "Zayn!!" I yelled and watched as he came running. 

 "You better get your little friend here before he get's the shit beat out of him by a girl." I said and walked off. 

 Zayn POV 

 "Liam, seriously That's my girlfriend." He said and let them in. 

 "Sorry dude but she's hot." He said back 

 "Yeah I know that." I said and sat down with them. Soon Ana came down the hall and sat on my lap. 

 "Guess what." She said 

 "I don't know tell me." I said back 

 "I called that guy and I got the job." She squealed 

 "That's amazing." I said and kissed her cheek.  

  Ana POV 

 For the rest of the night I just sat with Zayn and his friends and made jokes. Every once in a while I would see the blonde one look at me then quickly back at Zayn. I felt like I knew him from somewhere.

"Sorry to interrupt  but do I know you form somewhere?" I asked him 

 "N-no." He stuttered 

 I stopped and stared at him for a while. I finally realized where I had seen him from and fear took over me.

 "Stay away from me." I said

 "I'm not the same person as I was before okay." He said and got up 

 "Just stay away from me." I yelled and backed away from him. 

 "I've changed you have to trust me." He yelled back and walked closer to me.

 "No, Get away." I yelled and ran to the bathroom and slammed the door quickly locking it afterwards. 

 Soon i heard banging on the bathroom door and people yelling at me to let them in. I ignored it all and looked around. I found my razor and smashed it and picked up the blade. I placed the clod, sharp metal against my wrist. 

 I slid it across slowly and watched  as the red blood came in a straight line until it fell to the floor. I did it again and again until I couldn't anymore. I cleaned off my wrist and wrapped it up,. The banging stopped and so did the yelling. 

 I cleaned up my mess and hid the blades in the cabinet. I looked at my phone that was in my back pocket and checked the time. Midnight. I slowly opened the door and looked out. All of the boys except the blonde one was on the floor sleeping. I looked around and saw him sleeping on the couch. I ran off to my room and locked the door. I put somethings in front of it so no one could get in. 

 Why would he come back? He didn't change!! No one really changes they just say that for people to give them a second chance!! Why would he do this to me? I need to get away, but How?

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