only me myself and I

Heey my name is Hanna. My live is not easy. I have to take care of my younger brother Jamie because my dad is always drunk, while I am not even 18 yet. But when I sit in the park, this awesome men in his thirties comes my way and asks ' you know I need someone for a job and you seem the perfect girl to do it. You know my cousin is this famous popstar and he needs someone for in his videoclip, he will give you 540 dollar'. At first I wanted to refuse but 540 dollar!!! Oke I will do it, I answer.


1. Chapter 1

Jamie. Wake up.

Jamie, wake up dad is home.

He slowly began to get up. Honestly I feel sorry for my 5 year old brother.

He has been through a lot. I try to protect him as much as I can but I can't always be around. I also have to go to school.

When I turn 18, I am going to move out and take Jamie with me. Only a few months until my birthday I tell myself everyday when I wake up, but it never gets easier.

When my mom died three years ago my dad became an alcoholic.

Every day when he comes home he is drunk. It isn't even save for Jamie and me to be around him when he is like that.

I pay for like everything. My dad doesn't work a lot. So I have to do it.

I don't do it for him I do it for Jamie because he deserves so much better than this.

I work a lot so I can pay for everything we may need, and I am happy that our neighbour Marie is so nice to watch Jamie when I go to school or my job.

She is the only one that knows about our condition at home, but she promised to not tell anyone.

Jamie starts to wake up while I put his clothes on. I try to be very silent so my dad doesn't wake up because if he does there will be hell.

You see everything I do is because of Jamie. I walk outside and open Marie's door, I have her key just like she has mine. You never know right.

I walk inside and Jamie goes to sit on the couch. 'Hanna I don't want you to go away, why can't you stay here?' He said to me. 'You know I have to go to school but I will bring you ice cream when I get back' I try to sound happy.

It will be my last money I saved for this week. 'Yes!!! I want chocolate and strawberry please'. 'Everything for you' I tell him back.

I turn around and see Marie watching us. 'Thank you so much for watching over him Marie' I tell her. 

 'Well when you are as old as I am you 'don't have a lot of thing to do, he makes my day'.

'That is very sweet of you, but I have to go. I don't want to be late for school'.

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