The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


24. Blue Roses

I got up and dressed. Today it was a lot more noticeable that I was pregnant. It had been a few weeks sense I had gone back to the Smiths. I told them I need a break for a while. I walked down stairs to see the house filled with people, "Aleeeex?" I called down the stairs, sheepishly walking between the groups of people, "Did you forget to tell me something?" I asked Alex in the kitchen, "Uh nope..." He tipped back on his toes, "Mmmmm" I said walking away, as I walked out of the kitchen, Alex grabbed my waist, and whispered in my ear, "This is my family... They just turned up here this morning I had no idea they were coming...." He had a worried look on his face at I smiled, "Don't lie...I was the one who forgot." I knew he had forgotten to tell me but a relationship is built on love and trust and being able to take a fall every now and then. Alex stated introducing me to his family, they were all wearing blue roses, the same colour as the stone in the ring Alex gave me, my dress for the ball, and the flower he handed me before we left for the ball, I turned to him and he smiled back at me, then a man in a black suit stood before me, he was half bald and the hair that was left was grey, he didn't really look old but he looked very tired, he also had a blue Rose but his was brighter then the others. "Hello, I'm Katie, Alex's-" I started and the man finished, "His fence yes I'm aware of this, I'm also aware of what lies in your womb." He whispered that part to me so nobody else could hear I grabbed Alex's hand tightly, "I'm Alex's uncle." The man said standing up straight, I half smiled, "It's lovely to meet you." I said, "Uncle may I speak to you?" Alex said letting go of my hand, "Katie Rose is over there. She wants to see you." Alex said to me I must of looked worried, I relaxed a little and walked over to Rose. She pulled me into to the biggest hug and the out her hands on my tummy. "Oh honey look at you that boy better be looking after you!!" She started to rant and rave about everything and I just smiled. What were all these people doing here? What was Alex keeping from me?

I stood in silence as the guest bussed around Alex talking and laughing, why did I feel so alone and worthless again. I walked out the front and down the street. I've got no idea what I was thinking, why would a PRINCE want me? I'm a nobody. I kept walking and nobody notice I was grateful for that. I walked to the cemetery. I sat on the grass in front of Ben's grave. Ive been coming here a lot lately. Why is this happening to me? I'm not ready to be a mother! I can't do this anymore! What if I lose the baby? It will be all my fault! I started to cry, "Ben...I need you now more than ever!" I sobbed, someone was standing behind me, I stood up wiping the tears away, turning around to see Alex's uncle, he was just standing there, my heart stopped, "He's worried about you." He said expressionless, I hung my head, "Uncle!" Alex called from behind us, "I found your filth." The uncle said walking away, I stood there head hanging, I knew that's what they saw of me. Alex glared at his uncle the put his hands on my shoulders, "Katie?" Alex said, I cracked this time, "Quiet with the bullshit! This isn't fair! I'm not worth anything why do you want me! Is it because you feel sorry for me!! I can't do this anymore! You're so calm about this all! You can't even see how scared I am! Do you even care about what I feel? If this goes wrong I'm to blame not you! All the blame goes to me! If anything at all is wrong with it it's my fault! Because I'm the mother! It's all my fault! I'm not ready for this! I can't do this! What if I fail you and him? I can't fail've always protected me and now I've got a chance to save and protect the tiny you and I'm afraid of failing...Alex I-" I burst into tears and Alex pulled me into a hug, "Katie, I know your afraid, I'm afraid too but I thought just maybe if I pretended everything is going to be ok it will be, but neither of us can do this alone. Kate, I've always been afraid of failing you, when you got taken away I blamed my self, if anything goes wrong with the baby, I would take the blame, I'm the reason you're pregnant in the first place, I should've said only one bottle of the wine but I was already having to much fun, I didn't want to ruin your night but I ruined the rest of your life, I know you said you won't do this but it's always an option....Honey, you can do this, the baby won't die, he's got vampire powers, he's stronger than other babies. He'll be ok." Alex said carefully holding me tightly, I looked at him cheering up a bit, "Who ever said it was a boy?!?!" I teased Alex smiled at me and hugged me.

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