Bad boy

Hey it's me Kassy's sister Kassy has been quit busy so she's been letting me use her account an though I'm only 11 my class has a very dirty mind and I've been working on this one for a while now but I didn't want to post it because I thought I was too young to be writhing about this type of stuff but oh well who cares it's a good story. Warning sex scienes


1. before bed

Kassy's POV

I was sitting in my room when my door opened and my mom came in

"Hey what's going on" I asked

"I have to go to work early tomorrow I got a new job as the neighbors house as a house keeper if you want you can come visit me" she said hugging me. When I heard the news I got quite exited because 1 it means no mom and 2 I'll finally meat them I've been watching them every now and then and I know them from some where I just don't know where and thers this one boy I have a massive crush on he looks exactly like Louis tomlinson but I don't know his name I really want to meet those neighbors but ya

"You found a new job"I asked excitedly

"Not exactly I'm just filling in for my friend while she's in Florida for a funeral but I'm still getting paid" she explained

"Good enough love you mom" I said

"Love you to" she said kissing my head and leaving

I looked out my window to see him changing into pajama pants he took of his shirt then I walked away because I knew what came next.

I climbed back into bed plugged in my earbuds and slowly drifted off to sleep listening to 5sos counting stars.

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